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What install the hungry iPad, iPhone or Kindle -

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Did you find under the tree the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Or Kindle reader? Do not miss smart young publishing application queue. The display of mobile devices with them, you get sites and magazines, cook something good and maybe even some’ll throw a stone. economic news

Applications for iPad or iPhone offers free convenient and fast access to economic news and other content site

Large display tablet is ideal for reading messages

When you start the iPad show headline news, for better reference section can be used. Those ten are: domestic news, foreign, business, stock exchanges and markets, e-world, car, opinions, personal finance, culture and media and advertising. Articles can be shared with friends via Facebook or e-mail.

News on the phone Apple iPhone

Articles can also receive free of charge directly into e-book reader Amazon Kindle. Log your subscription at

screen reader Kindle is indeed a black and white display on an electronic display but is closest to the traditional paper book or newspaper reader for electronic books

On / ebook you can download or subscribe for free weekly publication with articles of scientific and technical site Sign Up to receive regular weekly, or on the page to download individual files.

Each week we publish summary of interesting articles on science and technology

You do not have to download figures individually, we have almost the whole of this year in one file: MOBI (61 MB) and EPUB (58 MB). Zip archive unpack and move into the Kindle via iTunes or transfer them to your iPhone or iPad.

Journals in kiosk

Apple iPad contains so-called Kiosk, where you can buy or subscribe to digital magazines. Young Front for him, preparing titles Computer, foreman, FOOD, DIGIfoto, Sun and the Earth and People.

You look at the future of magazines

These magazines are prepared in a special multimedia and interactive format. This is not a simple copy of the printed edition, as is usually the case.

Books to the iPad can buy via


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