Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo of the smartphone as indisputable evidence for the court - Computerworld

If you take

using your smart phone photo, you can make a special application for a credible judicial proceedings.

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This application SecuPIX that allows a mobile device in the photography, which will be clear and indisputable, that has not taken or subsequently amended. Its author is a company Software602.

application is available for IOS operating systems (ie iPhone and iPad) and Android (smartphones and tablets).

software facilitates SecuPIX especially those situations where it is still necessary to create a protocol or other similar document signed by him and witnesses. And especially when demonstrating:

  • condition meter or other measuring device to a specific day
  • authorship and date of creative design,
  • state vehicles or other equipment immediately after the accident,
  • progression of the construction or supply of capital equipment,
  • that the defect occurred in the work before the expiry of the warranty period,
  • that security measures (for example, mounting rails) were additionally performed after the accident,
  • people who participated in training

With SecuPIX enough undisputed evidence to establish a few seconds. User situations photographed tablet or smartphone, convert photo to PDF file and attached to the qualified time stamp.

Qualified timestamp proves beyond reasonable doubt that:

  • in the photo was not made additional changes,
  • photographs existed on the date and time indicated on the time stamp. These data are derived from a clock at the headquarters of qualified certification authority.

SecuPIX tool uses a qualified time stamps provided by, which is operated by Software602 straight.

“It is a tool for ordinary people who work on construction sites, driving cars, deals of the electricity or gas and the like. This is reflected in its simplicity, “explained general manager of online services and mobile applications at Software602 Paul Durdil.

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