Sunday, December 25, 2011

3M Privacy Filters for iPhone and iPad protects sensitive data - PC

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sometimes work with sensitive information and the development of mobile devices such activity confined to home or office. Smartphones and tablets often use in vehicles or in public places where they can in an unguarded moment, the current contents of your screen and then anyone read or misused.

such a moment comes in handy privacy filter by 3M company began to supply the dimensions and proportions compatible with iPhone and iPad. If such a filter stick to the display device you can easily use the filters do not restrict the function of touch screen and also protects your privacy.

To begin using the filter, simply stick it on the screen of your cell phone or a tablet. Now you can watch at work who wants to see anything on the screen. When removing a filter according to the manufacturer also does not leave any traces of glue. The filters for the iPad get a microfibre cloth, which can easily purge screen before applying the filter.

filters you can get 3G iPhone in portrait or landscape in a matte finish for iPhone 4 in height again in matt and shiny then the height of the iPhone 4S. For monitors, filters are available after one performance in width and height for the previous two generations.



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Main photo: 3M


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