Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twitter changed the design and issued a new application for mobile phones - Aktuálně.cz

Twitter changes its web interface design. The popular microblogging service at the same time introduced a new application for the iPhone and the Android OS.

new design that closely represents the company on a special Web site, reverses the logic of the current page – column with account information and suggestions, whom you should start watching, he moved to the left column of tweets containing the right.

menu at the top of the screen, added a section marked Connect at sign symbol. It now includes information about who started your account to track who has cited your tweet and it forwarded the followerům her.

new section called Discover odjkazy and contains the information that you might be interested. This is the content that Twitter selects according to what is currently popular.

Changed design has received mainly mobile version of Twitter – including mobile web Although the Twitter website promises that the new interface and put on the web to anyone who downloads mobile applications, we are unable to achieve it yet.

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