Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comics revolt Brains, Galaxia and Fortress are the iPhone goes on ... -

Studio NewsLab before Christmas pleasantly surprised Czech comics fans and owners of their previous application under the Rays Radiant – released on the Apple AppStore second sequel. Trinity comics revolt Brains, Galaxia and time associated copyrights Fortress couple Vaclav and Frantisek Kobík Sorel.

Applications with the official name of revolt drain, Galaxia and Fortress – Cartoon classics, like the original Little God – Under Radiant beams available for iPad, iPhone (version 3G) and iPod Touch. Matej Husek, head Newslabu, but announced that the company is working on the transfer of both comic book applications on the Android platform as well as the English version of all stories.

* Znacka_konec_textu_zdarma *

All three stories in the new application written by Vaclav Sorel, Franz Kobík the rebellion Brains, and Galaxy Fortress delineated in the same distinctive style, which addressed the readers of the series with a Small God and a clan of Gron-c-whites . From a purely “sci-fi” concept Riots drain and Galaxies beyond fortress, which comprises more homage to Mr. Broucek and his trip until the Hussite wars.

At first glance, both applications are the same. Programmers are two ways to view the comics – a full page display with manual zooming and moving image and view the various fields of comics. It is this option is more practical and also lived to see improvements in the form of smooth animation.

Newslab preserve the business model – the application is available free with all three examples of comic books, after reading three pages but it is necessary to pay 1.59 euro (40 CZK) for one or 2.99 euro ( CZK 75) for all stories. A little uncomfortable, however, especially on the iPhone that a lot of disk space even after paying for advertising Gold comic book.

As in the first application of comics in the Comic Classics offers Newslab bonuses. The first video is a spaceship Galaxia, which, like “model” Little God is not as useful as if it were a real 3D model with zoom and viewing from any angle.

second, much more valuable, a bonus is an interview with the author of comics Vaclav Sorel, in which approximates the inspiration to write all three stories – such as the influence and Jirasek Nemcova at Fort Story and a cartoonist with a dispute form the main character – the original idea Francis Kobíka originally should have been more challenging

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