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Czech Radio is an application for Windows Mobile 7.5 - Czech Radio

Czech Radio application for Windows Mobile 7.5 - Photo: Ivan Courtly

Czech Radio application for Windows Phone 7.5 Photo: Ivan Courtly

Live broadcasts of all its stations Czech Radio offers a new and phones running Windows Mobile 7.5 . There are all nationwide, regional, and digital station Czech Radio. There are also broadcast abroad and two internet streams.

Application iRadio is the first production applications of the Czech media for this platform. The user at each station can select the playback quality (higher for wireless wi-fi, lower for the data connection on the phone). Because the application supports multitasking, users can work comfortably with other applications on the phone, need to read e-mails without listening to the radio because it broke. It is also possible to set the time when the radio is automatically switched off.

The application is available free of charge and can be downloaded via Windows Phone Marketplace, which is called iRadio.

“This is the fifth in the order, but certainly not the last of the Czech Radio application for smart mobile phones,& #8221; says Philip Rožánek Department of New Media for Living. “While we are preparing an update for tablets and prepare an application for Symbian, do not forget to owners of older phones.” They can listen to radio broadcasts of Czech mobile portal at

“With the application have iRadio users can listen to live broadcasts of Czech Radio stations and even beyond the reach of the FM band, the receiver is equipped with Windows Mobile, which is useful for example in foreign countries,” says René Keyzlar, manager mobile solutions at Microsoft. “The application is thus a very welcome contribution to the rapidly growing set of more than 160 applications in the store Czech Marketplace.”

developed application software specialists Mautilus of the South Moravian Innovation Centre in Brno. “Czech Radio projects are very interesting and such cooperation is always our immensely rewarding ,” says Petr Mazanec Mautilus from society.

Given that the application retrieves the live radio broadcast via the Internet, users should be turned on within range of wireless networks, or data-enabled flat rate to prevent increased charges for data transferred.

In addition to listening apps for the iPhone, Android OS and Windows Mobile 7.5 provides a program of Czech Radio News for Living, designed for iPhone and Android-based devices. In total, one of the mobile applications of the Czech Radio has withdrawn tens of thousands of users.

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Author:Department of Communications and Public Relations

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