Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Christmas phones? Wildfire S, Galaxy Ace and iPhone 4S -

According to data published by the smallest Czech GSM operator Vodafone took over this year’s Christmas Android. The share of the operating system from Google phones sold reached the five best-selling models, 60 percent. Three androids accompanied iPhone and a Nokia phone.

best selling phone in November and December has become a model of HTC Wildfire With a base price of 4,777 crowns. The second rung of merchantability is a thousand crowns more expensive Samsung Galaxy Ace. When the third is the iPhone 4S, the price of Vodafone begins at 16,277 crowns.

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Vodafone HN question yet released information about two other places selling phones ranking – fourth place finished second Samsung – Galaxy Mini for 3777 crowns without commitment. Five concludes the Nokia C5-00 to the price of 3177 crowns.

According to Vodafone, one of 8 out of 10 phones sold in the category of smart phones. There is also envisaged Vodafone Nokia Symbian S60. In the case of C5 is a year old phone with S60 classic look with a numeric keypad and without touch screen.

data in charts, Vodafone is likely influenced by the fact that Vodafone offers the cheapest model of the iPhone 4S for 1800 crowns more expensive than Apple’s web obchodu.Na other hand, a significant portion of customers’ purchases in the iPhone business tariffs significantly discounted prices. Details of the sales price and mix of customers but Vodafone did not disclose.

There is no information on the sales of phones at T-Mobile and O2. Press Office or one of the operators at the request of the not respond yet.

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