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Exclusive survey: When it in 2011 lived in the Czech Twitter ... - Reflex

*#-* What was the liveliest day in Czech “twitterosféře”? We bring you an overview nejtwítovanějších moments in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The article is unique because data from Ataxo Interactive.


The busiest hour on the Czech and Slovak Twitter was the moment in 2011 when Apple presented their new phone iPhone 4S. , according to a unique survey conducted Reflex based on data from the company Ataxo Interactive.

When the iPhone 4S of 4 between October 19 and 20 o’clock introduced, reached Czechoslovak “twitterosféra” frequency 4064 twítů per hour. It was the only moment in which Twitter humbled čtyřtisícovou border.

For comparison, the global record is 25,088 twítu per second (not hour), is the 9th December 2011, and it keeps twittering about Japanese film Castle in the Sky. Previous record holder was Beyonce and news of her pregnancy (8868 twítů per second). Other foreign records can be found in our earlier article.

Twitter but it is not just a social network for technological gadgets out there who alleluia to discuss udělátkách like … uh … be the iPhone 4S. In second place is located moment are transferred from the ceremony of pop music MTV Europe Music Awards (3808 twítů per hour).

Twitter in the Czech Republic is becoming host of different subcultures, which in itself hardly knows. The second strong group of users after geecích teenagers are the fans and musicians such as Justin Bieber. Indeed twitterovský @ awwbieber account, according to rankings on the most watched account, which comes from the Czech Republic. It has 132,166 customers.

The ranking

most discussed moments intervened and events that have become the main news of even mainstream media. At the 4th place a report on the death Havel . On the 7th then place the report on the accident aircraft hockey team Yaroslavl with three Czech players on board.

five busiest hours in the Czech Twitter :


Order Twítů / h time Event
first 4064 04/10, 19:00 Introducing iPhone 4S
3378 04/10, 18:00
3336 04/10, 20:00
second 3808 06/11, 21:00 MTV EMA
3444 06/11, 22:00
3137 06/11, 20:00
third 3359 06/06, 20:00 Apple WWDC (start iOS 5)
3174 06/06, 18:00
3274 06/06, 19:00
4th 3256 18.12, 12.00 dies Vaclav Havel
3012 12/18, 13:00
5th 3175 31/10, 21:00 Halloween
3023 31/10, 20:00

How to read data

If you expect “mainstream” news even higher, then it must be emphasized that these unexpected events are the similar type of measurement in the “disadvantage”. Moments like the arrival of the iPhone 4S or the MTV awards are a long-awaited event, fans are pre-determined to write about them and their story is also concentrated in a short period of time.

Rating (includes data from 1 January to 18 December 2011) shows the total number twítů (about anything) in the given timeframe. We therefore draws attention to the fluctuations, when traffic was highest. The complete listing twítů We then dohledávali main cause. This does not mean that all messages related to a given event.

Interestingly, the vast majority of fifty hours nejtwítovanějších analyzed belong to the section between 18 and 23 hours . Only five times that of the earlier time of day. Twitter has is its “prime time” similar to the television.

chart is also logically Twtteru affected growth in the Czech Republic. With the exception of June, Apple’s developer conference, there is no moment of the Top50 of the first eight months of 2011.

Data supplied by Ataxo Interactive, creator of the Social Service Ataxo Insider or

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