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Top 10 gifts for the iPhone, iPad, and their competition with Android -

iphone telephoto lens 063e


under the tree this year, like last year and will feature mobile phones and tablets. A small sociological survey in the newsroom showed that the tablet from Apple can enjoy a wife, while the lords Jesus will probably smart phone with Android.

as accompaniment to large donations as gifts for loved ones who have a new phone or tablets were given before or at any other time, will serve any of the following ten tips. Offer accessories for smart phones and tabletům is huge and prices start in the tens of crowns. Cleaning cloth can be bought for thirty crowns, and that the device suited to touch.

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packaging or housing
Dons Tablet Cases Krusell Case CASE 2 phone in the holster wear on the belt is no longer in fashion, but despite the expansion of tempered glass as a protective element does not display optimum wear just phone in your pocket.

Housing provides fall protection equipment can help with cleaning the screen and if the tablets are often multi-function stand. For example, the iPhone and extra ordinary plastic “bumper” sweeten hold the phone in hand – sharp edges look nice, but pushing.

Cases phones can be bought for a few dozen crowns. Handicraft “originals to be a hundred, in shops rather then from the two hundred crowns above. The tablet prices are approximately two-to threefold. Best to test packaging for iPad hit Krusell Dons.

thickbox 461 4856 quality headphones can make you happy child and adult. In addition, buying in-ear headphones also helps protect your hearing: due to isolation from their surroundings just play music a lot quieter.

best headphones, which we tested this year, the Creative Aurvana In-Ear third The masses but does not address the cost or less pronounced bass, at a similar level, with less detail in the heights, but with a stronger bass are Sennheiser IE60.

safe bet they are around a thousand crowns to be Senneheiser CX 300 or m-Jays with a microphone directly to the iPhone.

Cables and reduction
hdmi cable ipad to the phone, usually you only charging adapter and data cable. The better-equipped smart devices but can do more, you just need to buy special cables. This is true not only for the iPhone and iPad, for which there are reductions for HDMI connection or the SD card from your camera or computer monitor.

Android Smartphones have offered miniHDMI cable or docking station with audio and video output. Prices range in the hundreds of hundred-notes.

docking station
Philips Fidelio android Integrated speaker Touch device is not worth anything, so it pays to add is a good speaker. At a price far above average sound and design offers the Philips DS9.

sound is more bass and less accurate than the models higher up the Philips Fidelio or Primo competitive B & W Zeppelin, but in less than six thousand no direct competition. Connoisseurs will then choose between a Zeppelin that supports AirPlay or similar model equipped with the highest Fidelio.

Conversely, as an interesting solution “charger” with a radio can serve as inexpensive technique from Tesco for 500 crowns. At least due to the price not much higher than the original charging adapter. For devices with Android is a limited offer, the best is to look directly at the assortment of accessories from the manufacturer.

holder for the kitchen
Belkin kitchen offer accessories for the iPad and other tablets in the kitchen at first glance looks like stupidity. The second is an excellent idea – the right holder, such as the style, minimizes the risk that monitors will come to hurt, while the cook (s) can monitor the cooking recipe for iPad or run as a background movie.

From Belkin, we could test us most attracted universal holder that is attached by the kitchen cabinet and holds even seven-inch tablet. Wall-fridge is just for iPad 2 and it works great – if you have a refrigerator with straight walls and located so that you attached to monitors from the stove to see.

External speakers
hello kitty mini x Řepora It is mainly the users of smart phones will appreciate anything that will allow them to play music louder than how it handles the built-in speaker phone. Popular speakers are small, which is reentrant.

Recommend we need the original X-Mini, which are available including in the design of Hello Kitty. Service but divert anything that has a classic headphone.

keyboard for comfortable typing
Logitech zaggmate A real keyboard is a nice complement to the tablet, if you want him to write longer texts. Asus offers best solution to your Transformer, which together with the tablet form a functional unit. The keyboard also has a battery capable of powering all the tablets.

For other tablets are available stand-alone keyboard, connected with a case like Zaggmate or slightly bulky Belkin Folio for the iPad.

touch gloves in the winter
iPhone gloves Temperatures outside even forcing people to dig your hands into mittens, but longer calls in the cold wind was not pleasant. In the fight against the cold to give a special touch gloves that contain conductive fibers, which can be controlled through the touch screen without freezing.

Up přituhne, touch gloves you will appreciate, although it is several hundred-notes – it’s the silver thread. The solid frost but we recommend the gloves instead leave your phone in a warm pocket and use the headset.

iPhone telephoto lens 063e Mobile phones used to shoot more people than compact cameras, as the phone still have at hand – regardless of the quality of results. A little more fun and in some cases even higher quality can be achieved with the help of photographic gadgets – additional lenses.

Like the iPhone Telephoto lens tripod combines with eight times přiblížením.Tahle fun comes to about 900 crowns with postage, but will buy again until after Christmas, is sold out. Even more expensive is Olloclip – three lenses for the iPhone, which offers a wide-angle glass lens for macro photography and ultimately a toy in the form of convex fisheye.

Mobile tripod
Blue spiderpodium Phone is used instead of the camera more and more people and fewer people use a tripod. It’s a mistake – using a tripod you can get great pictures from mobile phones that can not keep your hands still when taking shots in the dark. Mobile tripod is also useful for self-portraits or time-lapse, which supports Android 4.0.

The classic Gorilla Pad is a versatile, elegant GLIF iPhone, which serves as an adapter for mounting on a standard tripod works SpiderPodium.

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