Saturday, December 17, 2011

Editor MF TODAY: Why read the newspaper in a new application for iPhone and iPad -

        MF DNES prepared novelty application for reading newspapers in digital form. It offers more photos and photo galleries, pleasant and comfortable read more news from the region. Novelty introduced MF Dnes editor Robert Čásenský.


We meet them as well? They ride the tram, train, walking around shopping malls or office buildings, sitting in cafes or fast food restaurants. Staring at the screen and goes after her forefinger: iphonisté and ipadisté. They are different ages, gender and appearance, some with ties and suits, others worn sweater and jeans. One thing is common. Statistics show that over-happy read.

Detailed instructions for application of MF DNES iPad and iPhone

Look how the application looks MF DNES and how it works

just for users of these devices prepared MF DNES novelty application for reading newspapers in digital form. In a clean, pleasant surroundings every day you can read the entire edition of the newspaper. And either version designed specifically for these devices, or in classic form, when individual pages appear exactly as published in paper-based newspapers.

Every day, an hour after midnight to-date edition, where You can browse the various headings, read articles, view photos and entire photo gallery. Orientation will help to clear sorting into sections and sections, as well as content with all the articles in the issue. MF TODAY digital edition allows to search the articles by any word in the text.

Concerned readers running your finger across the screen to find other advantages that they would be pleasant reading newspapers. Described in more detail the special page where you will also find instructions on how to use the application (see here). The reader can t est whether it suits the application, the first two weeks are free.

Whatever MF DNES read and you read any, in the device or on paper, the main thing remains the same. The newspaper is the most important content. High quality and impartial news, pluralistic views of interesting personalities, courage in opening major themes and patience and thoroughness in their processing.

All of you will bring MF DNES on paper and on screen.


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