Sunday, December 18, 2011

New applications for SkyDrive Windows Mobile and iPhone - Smart World

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These applications can be based on information directly from Microsoft’s mobile device to browse all your folders and files on SkyDrive, organize and share them with others. Changes were also seen alone web store, which now offers several new features for managing and sharing documents.

“Web repository are becoming increasingly popular among Czechs, because thanks to them can access your documents, images or other file types anytime and anywhere. In our recent survey uses a similar service were 54 percent of Czech Internet users. They now have the ability to manage their data more easily from smart mobile phones, “says Tomas Koška, ​​director of the online division for Central and Eastern Europe at Microsoft.

Even before the advent of new applications that users can access SkyDrive content its Web storage from almost any smart phone equipped with a modern browser. In Windows Mobile phones with an update was also 7.5 (Mango) SkyDrive integr ated directly into the centers of Office and Images. With this example, users could automatically upload photos taken in a private folder on SkyDrive or access to all your documents stored on the site.

“Microsoft’s new mobile platform is already running SkyDrive very well linked, making users documents and multimedia content stored in the cloud is always at hand, “says George Hrma, editor

For some users were not present options for mobile data management web store sufficient. Therefore, Microsoft has prepared two new mobile applications that allow users on Windows Mobile and iPhone directly from their mobile phones to display all the folders and files stored on SkyDrive, create new folders, organize files and folders and share them with others.

Based on feedback from users, who called for easier management and sharing your files stored in the cloud, set up a Microsoft innovation in itself SkyDrive website accessible via standard Internet browser. While the earlier example, users could share with others only selected folders can now perform at the level of sharing of files. And they can share files easily as sending a link to e-mail selected people, and being placed on social networks. Completely new, however, can also generate the reference to a shared file or folder and then work it will.

Other news is, according to Microsoft the opportunity to easily create and name new folders, as well as change existing names. Newly users can also move, delete or download multiple files at once selected. Use the right mouse button can be easily upgraded SkyDrive perform various actions such as download, upload, copy, delete, or share files. A new feature is the ability to upload to a web store new files simply by draggi ng the mouse, while the actual upload takes place in the background so users can continue working with the service.

If you want to test the possibility of new applications, you can get them for free downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace and the iPhone AppStore.

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