Friday, December 30, 2011

There will be news from Apple: iPhone 5 or ultrabook -

Her fans waited to see two new products this year. The first one was the second iPad tablet He began to sell in the Czech Republic in March at a price 12 to 20 thousand. Authorized stores and retail chains reported sold in one day.

Exactly seven months and three days later the Czech American Apple fans waiting for further news. On the day of national holiday, 28 October, began selling a new smart phone, iPhone 4S. The new phone is accompanied by a slight disappointment – because fans were waiting for the iPhone 5th Even during the first week in the Czech Republic sold more than six thousand.

Czech fans of the legendary Apple, the company was pleased again this year, and 19th September. At that time the company launched the o fficial Czech Apple Store online store.

Year 2011 was a year of litigation but, at least in the patent. In addition to Apple’s marketing is targeted dozens of companies with smart phones and tablets, which had a different operating system – Android. These manufacturers, however, encountered unprecedented opposition Apple, who is accused of copying.

The most significant competitor to Apple and Samsung has become a patent dispute triggered by Apple, led in Germany to stop the sale tablet from Samsung.

In addition to smart devices this year came on the Czech market, technological and other innovations such as contactless payments. In some shops so now you only need to attach the card to a special terminal and goods to 500 crowns to pay without entering a PIN.

Next year, this payment method was extended to almost all stores. In addition, we will be able to pay next year and attaching a mobile phone to a special reader. Czech Telefonica expects to be able to fully project start mobile wallet, which is currently being tested.

comes the iPhone 5, iPad3 and other news

clever device then next year will once again reign American technology giant Apple. This should introduce long-awaited iPhone and iPad 5 third There is speculation that it was the third row of the tablet Apple iPad could imagine the birthday of his late boss Steve Jobs, a 24th February 2012.

Other technological innovation that next year shuffles cards on the market are so-called ultrabooky. These thin and light computers should, according to some predictions displace laptops. The clever devices in the home is then added and television, which will be connected to the Internet and its owner will communicate.

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