Friday, December 30, 2011

Apple is preparing for iOS own Face Detection -

If you watch mobile scene for the last few months, you know that the human face recognition technology used by Google ago, in their latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Specifically, it now uses only Samgung Galaxy Nexus to unlock the screen, but will gradually be present on all devices with this operating system and WebCam front. Before rage with Apple’s next farce, we noted that the technology registered long before Android was introduced competitive. Specifically, the patent first appeared June 29, 2010, but escaped to the public until now.

Apple patent
iPhone 4S

Apple patent points out that its technology used in some other areas and, more importantly, it offers considerably more advanced version. According to the manufacturer’s competitive Google features quite aggressive on the battery as well as unsecured. Besides being very CPU, still can be fooled ordinary photographs of the person, which then unlocks the phone without problems. It was alleged that several users, to which Google responded by saying that it is only a few secure version of unlocking the phone, not a hundred percent guaranteed.

offshoot Apple has not only very easy but also available for smartphones, tablets and laptops. What exactly has the technology to offer and what is different from the competition, the patent is not clear. The company mentioned but can capture different segments of the skin and face, fully authorized the application to individual users, who can then submit their own profile on the phone, open the desired function or just a classic unlock screen.

TIP Read more about the facial recognition system Android.

We must not forget that Apple already uses the Face Detection feature in its latest iPhone 4S, which helps the camera recognizes up to 10 faces at once. Whether or introduce something new to the field of facial recognition, it still must find out.


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