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11 important events in the mobile world in 2011 -

This year was again full of innovations that moved mobile phones and tablets chunk forward. In this article we therefore sum up the most interesting events of 2011.

By the end of this year left only a few tens of hours and we have in our newsroom decided to evaluate the overall developments in the mobile world in the last twelve months. We have chosen eleven key moments that significantly influenced the development of the market for mobile devices. Individual events, we tried to sort chronologically as during the coming year.

Introducing Android 3.0 “Honeycomb”

year’s CES revolved mainly around the tablets and for Google it was the right moment when the world could imagine Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb intended solely for use in tablets. The new version has brought many changes in the form of innovative and Google Map application for reading electronic books Books, but also came with a redesigned user interface that has been adapted to work on the tablet. The first Android device trojkovým launched Motorola, which was soon followed by other manufacturers. Over time it became clear that Android 3.0 has not been sufficiently debugged as many would like. Complaints from users related to the overall instability and incipient fragmentation of the operating system. Despite these ailments have found plenty of satisfied users, and especially stirred up standing water on the tablet market, which until then reigned on the Apple iPad.


marriage of convenience between Nokia and Microsoft

In February

flew mobile world report establish cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft . Several weeks have talked about nothing else and the fact that many were calling it an event of the year. Finnish manufacturer at a press conference was not afraid to admit their mistakes, and swore at the same time the unique smartphone with Windows Mobile 7 to the end of this year. What the Finnish giant has promised a respected and saw the light of the world Lumia Nokia 800 . This is in reviews met with positive reactions and basically started to enter the world of Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone 7 Establishing cooperation between the two companies brought many benefits to both parties. Microsoft acquired a strong partner with a long tradition and Nokia in return got a stable operating system.


iPad 2 again flooded tabletům

A few weeks later had a mobile electronics fans another reason to celebrate. Event was sometimes inappropriate performance iPad 2 , which was build on the successes of previous model and also stay ahead of growing competition in the form of a tablet with Android 3.0. Apple’s marketing strategy even in this case did not fail, and the Apple Store were crowds of customers. The second generation iPad brought Apple A5 dual core processor running at 1 GHz. At the same time nine times increased graphics performance, which is positively signed to play demanding games or work with video. We must not forget the interesting accessories in the form of Smart Cover, which has gained popularity thanks to the unusual handle solved with the help of magnets. Although the market appeared several other competitors with Android, it remains with his Apple iPad tablet still selling in the world.


LG Optimus 2X: The First Dual Core came from Korea

If I had to define this trend in the mobile segment, so it definitely became a dual-core processors. The first manufacturer who planted a dual-core Smartphone chipsets become a Korean company LG has its model Optimus 2X , which even got into the Guinness Book of Records. The motherboard has found its place Tegra chipset 2 from NVidia, which has a pair of Cortex A9 cores, supplemented by graphic accelerator GeForce. LG Optimus 2X at the time of its introduction offered unusually high computing and graphics performance that is not intimidated or playback in Full HD resolution (1080p). Other attractions included 8Mpx camera or 4 “TFT display with 480 x 800 pixels. Trotted after LG smartphone is equipped with dual-core chipsets and other manufacturers (HTC, Samsung), but the primacy of the Korean manufacturers have forever. At the present time, the LG Optimus 2X is not the absolute top, but after a few months after its launch still has a lot to offer.


word known 3D phones

If any of you recently visited the electronics stores, could not help noticing that every corner and corner placards attacking the customer in whose name missing epithet 3D. This mania hit especially TVs, but it was only a matter of time before manufacturers transfer this idea to the screen of mobile phones. As in the previous point, there won first place with his LG model Optimus 3D . He was the first phone offered 3D display without special glasses. His belly has settled core processor TI OMAP 4 with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, accompanied by 512 MB of RAM involved in dual-channel. To ensure a sufficient supply of stereoscopic content, the manufacturer outfitted smartphone a couple of cameras able to take 3D pictures and videos. Competition was not long to wait and rushed manufacturer HTC phone with your 3D label bearing Evo 3D . He possessed a higher resolution than competitors 4.3 “display (540 x 960 pixels) and a higher capacity of RAM (1 GB). Whether to integrate 3D technology into mobile phones make sense I do not dare to judge, but everyone would do well to ask before buying whether it is for this property is really the key or not.


Google + Motorola = ♥

Around mid-August, Google and Motorola have prepared a large notice , which wiggled the mobile industry. Google had decided to buy a majority stake in Motorola Mobility, which is primarily engaged in the development of mobile devices. Google Motorola shareholders paid $ 40 per share, which it released in the final of the $ 12.5 billion. As the world learned of the stock acquisition of Motorola’s shares subsequently rose by a staggering 63%. Google acquired this business the necessary tools to fight against his biggest rival – Apple. Google Vice President Andy Rubin said in a press release “ This combination allows us to prepare the ground for a new operating system Android.” Motorola has had a large number of patents that are in court battles absolute necessity. Based on the connection with California’s giant Motorola is expected that Google vyrukuje in the future with their own tablet or smartphones. At that p erhaps does not add anything other than that we will not wait too long.


Premiere improved iPhone 4S and iOS 5

arrival of a new iPhone was accompanied by high expectations and the world of endless speculation circulated rumors and what will bring news. Apple, however, repeated the same procedure as for the 3G and 3G models. Desing remained almost unchanged and the main variations are mainly related to the used hardware. New iPhone 4S got a dual core processor Apple A5 at 1.2 GHz, accompanied by a more powerful GPU PowerVR SGX. Changes were also seen camera whose resolution jumped to 8 megapixels. We must not forget the dual antenna capable to work both in GSM and in CDMA networks. Newly appeared a version with 64 GB of internal memory. Another series of innovations brought about greatly improved version of the operating system IOS 5 . It is worth mentioning such as service cards to send postcards or cloud storage iCloud that each user in the free version offers 5 gigabytes of storage for music, applications and other data. The greatest success, howev er, has had its application Siri, which can be a little exaggeration, as the central brain for the iPhone. By Siri can comfortably operate the iPhone voice and certainly the user need not be limited to simple commands. Can you answer what kind of weather, or where best to bury the corpse :-) . Whether the performance was disappointing iPhone 4S let every one of you, but it will be very interesting to see if Apple chooses the same strategy with the iPhone 5/5S, because in my opinion, it’s coming will be accompanied by such expectations.


Death Steve Jobs

On Wednesday the 5 October shaken not only mobile, but the whole world shattering news. At the age of 56 years died founder, visionary and creative genius Steve Jobs . The world of computer technology at that moment came the man who brought the world some radical innovations in the field not only computers but also mobile phones. No doubt it was a very strong personality, who managed to get the human masses and their admiration. Steve left a part of the know-how Apple. This point I concluded that I would very much like that of his vision and ideas remained alive.


Window Phone 7.5: Mango matured

At the end of September and October will finally see smartphone users running Windows Mobile long desired update to version 7.5 Mango . Finally, in different languages: Czech and also appeared at the same time we can officially start shopping applications and games from Marketplace. Users with upgrades got redesigned Internet Explorer native IM client (Windows Live, Facebook), integrated service Twitter and Linkedln. Improvements were also seen overall optimization that makes the whole environment even more accelerated. Pribyl also necessary multitasking and support groups in your contacts. Windows Mobile 7 for more than a year came in the form in which it is already bojeschopným competitor for Android and iOS.


NVidia Tegra

3: Five cores at the base

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​NVIDIA first showed the world its first quad-core processor, codenamed Kal-El. Passed, however, several long months until its official presentation in which we learned that the chipset will be named Tegra 3 and will include a flat five instead of four cores. It earned the fifth core name “companion” (companion) and his main role has become less processing-intensive applications and processes, such as listening to music, surfing and data synchronization. The remaining four cores (ARM Cortex-A9) will cater to high computing power, which is invaluable for example, when playing demanding games or video in FullHD resolution. NVidia have this power distribution system is patented under the abbreviation VSMPO (Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing). For users, this competition was a great surprise and we’re already looking forward to in the newsroom, as a technological fad for us d evelopers NVidia prepared this time.


Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” and Samsung Galaxy Nexus

last important event in the mobile world will undoubtedly become a new performance version of the operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . New Android took the task of tackling the fragmentation of the system and also to unify the segment of smartphones and tablets in one line. On the part of Google it was a step in the right direction. Completely new user interface is the fact that you took part of the elements of Android 3.0. It is obvious that Google is working on the development very carefully. It is worth mentioning the size of optional widgets, unlocking the phone through facial recognition, faster web browser and support for multicore processors. With the new version of the operating system we have had and the new Nexus, for whose production was again Samsung. Manufactured in his bowels hid how else than dual core processor (TI OMAP 4460) at 1.2 GHz. Size of memory is stopped on the capacity of 1 gigabyte To capture photos and video Samsung Nexus Galaxy has 5 megapixel camera and LED přisvětlovací. A big attraction has become a 4.65 “(Super AMOLED) display with 720 x 1280 pixels, which overlaps the tempered glass. Google decided to show the world that the smartphone can be made without buttons that moved in virtual form on the bottom of the screen, as you know the owners of the tablet with Android trojkovým.


And what can we look forward to next?

If we look at all eleven of the above points, we find that this year we have witnessed many major events. You would find far more moments that would also be worth mentioning if you for some such name it, share it with us in the discussion. The editors have tried thinking about the upcoming trends for 2012. The most likely we can expect mass deployment of quad-core chipsets in tablets and smartphones. This will involve the growth in output, which is increasingly quickly approaching what it offers contemporary laptops. Since technology is among the dreamers, I would welcome with enthusiasm and performance smartphone with a flexible display, a study published a few months ago Samsung . We are not angry for batteries with significantly longer battery life, which is at present equipment really pitiful and makes us slaves to electrical outlets. Extremely interesting to watch, amazed us with what Apple. In particular we are interested in the iPhone and the iPad 3 5th I n our opinion, we can also look forward to display High Definition (HD +). The year 2012 will undoubtedly promising for tablets, which will continue to gain increasing popularity. How our prophecy will coincide with the reality shows over time.


In conclusion, I will for the entire newsroom SmartManie wanted to thank you for the favor, wish pleasantly spent New Year’s Eve and a Happy New Year.

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