Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smart radio YouRadio from Lagardère has also to release the iPhone - DigiZone.cz

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Platforma YouRadio INSIDE PHOTO Owners of mobile phones, iPhone, waiting for the application YouRadio from Lagardère Active CR, including the operator station Europe 2 and frequency 1, lived to see. Since today is YouRadio also available through the smart phone. YouRadio works on the principle that when you choose a style of music and other songs they are selected randomly from similar and unknown artists such as you.

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songs that are like or dislike, you can mark and create the essence of personalized radio for peace. In addition, there is an alarm clock and timed shutdown. Currently, the database application YouRadio approximately seven thousand artists of different styles – from blues and country to rock and disco. Application owners will welcome the fact that it is not paid, and after you download and start listening immediately. It is not necessary to own compilation playlist.

YouRadio Sample application for the iPhone. (Source: Lagardère Active CR)

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