Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Apple wins patent dispute partial to smart phones with HTC - Financial news

Washington / Taipei – The American Apple recorded a partial victory in patent fight for the rights of smartphones among its iPhone-based iOS and phones based on Android operating system from Google. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Monday evening decided that the Taiwanese company HTC has infringed one of Apple’s patents, and has banned it in America to sell certain models of phones.

FTC complaint acknowledged Apple’s just one of four infected patents. HTC, which draws from the U.S. market half of its sales, according to analysts, this result does not significantly harm because they will have time to replace the contested technology and a ban on the sale is valid until April. For Apple, however, the FTC ammunition to fight with other manufacturers to Android phones.

“It’s just one skirmish battle that is part of a much larger war, and each side there is still a lot of ammunition,” said This Reuters David Wilson of law firm Herbert Smith LLP.

The contested patent covers technology that allows you to click in the documents on the telephone numbers and other data, and call either directly or click through to more information. It is a widely used feature, so experts expect that such decisions are taken in the Apple litigation against manufacturers of Android phones in other jurisdictions such as Canada, Australia and Europe.

Dynamic segment of smart phones and tablet computer is now flooded legal disputes over lucrative patent rights. Apple leads the most disputes with South Korean Samsung, with which the judges in 30 cases in ten countries.

The late founder of Apple Steve Jobs, according to the recently published biography, said that “Android intends to destroy, because it is a stolen product. I am willing to go in that thermonuclear war. “

The Android market dominates the Asia-Pacific outside Japan. The smartphone segment has a share in this region, 53 percent against 15 percent iOS, provide information research firm IDC.
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