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3M-natural-view Whether you revel variety of packaging and casings for the iPhone mobile phone or not, always be sure you’ll be happy to protect your phone screen from scratches. There are currently on the market a large number of solutions, some of which, such as Invisible Shield, we have had the opportunity to test. Now we have reached the editorial desk news from 3M called Natural View. 3M is a company known for a large number of products that relate not only electronics, but also particularly special foil, fasteners, tape an d other things of which they are slowly shaped to the film for mobile iPhone 4/iPhone 4S and tablet iPad. If you want to treat the iPhone as well as the Nokia 3310, surely you have some of the display protection film for thought, come and see what it offers and what 3M stands out above the competition.

Application – contains no glue?
Included 3M Natural View Screen Protector will find a pair of flat sheets, together with the application squeegee, which also serves as part of the package. In a paper envelope is to be found nothing but film itself and the already mentioned spatula, apply the film safely. First, you obviously need to clean the display, which is appropriate to use a cloth dampened in a small amount of technical alcohol. Thanks to safely get rid of spirit and those nejmeněích signs of grease and you can be sure that the film adheres to the screen immediately.

If you already have experience with films such as Invisible Shield, you will be surprise that 3M is not a film-type plastic bag, which can make every twist and bend. This is a really solid layer, which is more than flexible plastic polythene points. Thanks to the strength of the film is its application to the surface of the phone much easier than the “plastic” film.

foil contains literally nano layer bonding material, which is evident even touching sight, its presence will convince sticking to foil the phone display. Foil is instantly adheres to the screen and not even the famous bubbles appear, which, according to producers of other films within a few hours or days away. The phone can start using immediately, which is a great advantage, for example anti-competitive film from Invisible Shield, for which the manufacturer recommends waiting at least 24 hours before you start actively using. With a really good film adhesive adheres instantly and there are no gaps or bubbles.

course there is the possibility of sticking and unsticking further. The re-application is necessary to perform best in sterile areas, in which each of our readers probably do not have access. If the film is take off, it immediately adheres to airborne dust, which is almost impossible to remove. With a little skill and the left air cleaner, I believe that film can be used repeatedly to do, most people do not have the slightest reason.

3M -Natural-view

Natural View – only natural, but even improved image
I remember how I wrote approximately a year ago on a special layer inserted between the layers touch screen that makes the picture clearer and doubly using the same display brightness. This film is still being tested, but its developer is none other than 3M. His experience also made good use when creating the Natural View, which provides in direct sunlight still clearly readable display. For me personally it is one of the biggest surprise, given that I had the opportunity to test the film in clear weather, which turned out to sun rays directly on the iPhone and its display is readable as well as in the room.

Films 3M Privacy Screen Protector (right) and 3M Natural View (left) glued on the Apple LED Cinema 24 “Display

3M -2

3M -3

Other features
films by surface treatment does not respond to every touch fingerprint unpleasant, but seeks to minimize smudges that are commonly found on the iPhone. Thanks to the cleaning surface is easier than the display itself. The manufacturer 3M Natural View also features special pages clean technology, because that would not be beyond the edges of film to capture unpleasant garbage. After a week of testing I can confirm that this really is a film is pure, but I do not consider a week long enough for me to have zero spotting film refute or confirm. After the first week, but on the edges of foil is not nothing. Unpleasant spotting on the edges of film as one of the properties Gelaskins, whose review you can read here.

foil provides sufficient protection against scratches display example when you carry the iPhone in your pocket along with the key. 3M praise legendary video that shows the inability to scratch the screen with a hand grinder, but it offers sufficient quality during normal use. Hand on heart, how often you use the manual grinder on the screen of your phone.

3M -natural

After testing 3M Natural View I have to evaluate clearly that 3M took the best from their experience in the manufacture of adhesives, foil surfaces against soiling and dalšíc their products and put them in production of films for display protection iPhone and the iPad. Films available for iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone and iPad 4S second generation is a pleasant alternative to conventional layers of a plastic that is difficult to apply. In addition to protecting the screen from scratches maculae capture offers reduced compared to the surface of the phone itself and better readability in direct sunlight. During testing, I have not encountered a single problem, which could be for example, peel, “swimming” film on the screen or something similar. If you are looking for high quality display protection with extra bonus in the form of a better view of the sun, I 3M Natural View only recommended. Recommended retail prices Natural View 3M (excluding VAT) are set to filter private 287Kč for iPhone 3G/iPhone 3Gs/iPhone 4/iPhone 4s and 576Kč iPad both generations.

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