Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Microsoft today released the iPad version of OneNote, which has so far only available in the iPhone version. She now has had its update to version 1.3, which brought about, inter alia, Czech, also available in a version for the iPad. The new, customized screen size iPad is smaller than the iPhone displays a lot of new enhancements. The biggest advantage is a two panel display, where in one panel display card, the folder where you have saved notes. The second part of the screen serves as a notebook. See what you brought a new version. The application log on using your Windows Live ID, and it now when running the application. Without it, your application will not let on. Create it directly at the application environment.

Because I knew him not, I tried it over this application to establish directly from the iPad. After filling out the form on my message popped up: “The application has technical problems. Your request could not be met. Sorry. “
Account I managed to start up again, when I again had to fill out the form. Upon receipt of the verification email to me did not want the mobile site to verify the account, but the PC version was not possible to get. Eventually I had to create a Windows Live ID from your computer.

Home is divided into two panels. In the left column you have saved Notepads , where the default is already preset. The settings that notebooks should be possible to add, rename, shade and otherwise adjust, but I could not find the functions.

After opening the notebook you can note in the left panel to include other components. For example, by subject, from which you have notes, should also be by day, when you wrote something, or whatever you want. When they do not select any category would be assigned automatically to a folder Nezařzené notes.

When you write a note, you can still improve it a couple of interesting extensions. Most of all I like the To-Do list that you can insert anywhere in the notes. Insert the photo album of your device, or you can snap a new image directly. You also have the speed dial keypad, where you can find to be so-called paragraph, he lists only the keywords:

OneNote syncs notes with iCloud, but I did not see that the synchronization was automatic. Manual synchronization is possible via settings, where you will find plenty of other interesting features. Also there you can buy space for notes, so instead of 500 allowed you to take advantage of unlimited space.

Working with OneNote you loved me, except that I still had not come on a lot of options that are intricately adjustable. Start using me uncomfortable creating a Windows Live ID, without which you will see just a purple screen with the logo of OneNote.

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