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Google Zeitgeist: The most popular word in 2011 - Computerworld

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were successful creators and TV shows, visitors who managed to take improvisation show called Partička and a new crime series branch. Deny the Czechs nor much interest in mobile phones, stood up where most interested in new iPhone Nokia 5 and C5-03. Musical discovery of the year became a singer Adele. The most popular social networks Facebook and YouTube, tens of most wanted expressions complement the online source of practical information for everyday use.

interest in Czech society, best ranking reflects the “greatest jumpers of 2011, which are queries whose search frequency has increased the most compared with 2010.

greatest jumpers 2011
1 Census
2 Partička
3 branch
4 5 iPhone

Adele 5th 6th Battlefield 3
7th 8th Minecraft
Nokia C5-03
9th Angry Birds
10th Kapi Hospital

Searched 2011
1 .
2 Facebook YouTube
3 compiler
5th maps

Aukro 6th 7th 8th iDnes
TV Listings Weather 9th

Save this 10th

Searched 2010
1 Prague
2 Facebook
3 mp3
4 TV

YouTube 5th 6th 7th game
8th 9th maps
O2 10th

From the charts the biggest most wanted jumpers and Expression in the Czech Republic we can observe the following trends in 2011:

· Czechs are addicted to online games and social networks
As every year also this year’s ranking jumpers got several online games, where the biggest star of 2011 became onlinovka Battlefiled 3, followed by games Minecraft, Angry Birds Hospital and Kapi. When it comes to social networking and Facebook and YouTube are the most sought after in the Czech Republic.

· Internet has become a regular part of their everyday lives
In comparison with last year shows a clear trend in internet use in everyday life. This confirms the great interest in online translations, search for transport links and places on maps. Czechs often seek out the latest news and weather information. Very strong growth while the mobile search that gives you access to information anywhere, anytime.

· When not online, spend time watching television
It seems that the screen attracts Czech users, not just when the Internet on a computer or mobile, we spend our time watchi ng television. This year’s most talked about show on television focused on Partička funny improvisation, he found his audience and the Czech criminal branch series. Czech users regularly seek information about what they can look forward to on television, the term “TV program” is placed in the top ten most wanted words.

thematic charts

● The most important jumpers celebrities dominated the beginning of the Great Britain star Adele, who a short time managed to create a large fan base around the world . The second and third place belonged celebrities to leave the troubled world – Amy Winehouse, a young talented singer, and Steve Jobs, the visionary and co-founder of Apple.

● The most searched celebrity in Czech compared to 2011, became one of the Czech Quartet Partick, actor, director and improviser Ondrej Sokol. The second and third place remained Leos Mares and Aneta Langer, although compared to last year, with each exchange location popularity.

● Users are accustomed to, you know that once advice, ask search engines to various questions. The question “WHAT IS …?” The Czech public to the most asked, “What is couscous,” which may mean that the Czech Republic tries to live healthily. Other questions on “what is twitter” or “what the tab let is” deny Czech curiosity in technology. But romance and emotional issues as well hit the world of the Internet – the question “what is love” was the fourth most common in the Czech Google.

More information on the most popular charts, see the Press Centre section of Zeitgeist.

Czech Google Zeitgeist 2010

jumpers among the biggest celebrities in the Czech Republic 2011 Google
2 Adele Amy Winehouse
3 Steve Jobs
4 Dominic Myslivcová
5th Bruno Mars
Thomas Trot 6th 7th Rihanna

8th Agata Hanychova
9 . Katy Perry
10th Angelina Jolie

Searched Czech Czech celebrities on Google’s 2011
1 Ondrej Sokol
2 Leos Mares
3 Aneta Langer
4 Izer
5th Jan Dolansky
6th Christine Leichtová
7th Tomas Holy
8th Vladimir Dlouhy
9th Hank Kynychová
10th Paul Fox

jumpers TOP “WHAT IS” 2011
1 What is couscous,
2 what is twitter,
3 tablets what is,
4 what is love,
what is the url 5th, 6th
what is kačaba
what is the APR 7th, 8th
what is hdmi,
9 What is the Internet, 10th
what is marketing

2011 Top Media
1 Young Front TODAY (
2 Economic Times (
3 Flash
4 People newspaper (

Reuters 5th 6th 7th Mediafax
Czech position
8th Aha!
9th Halo newspaper

Top tourist destinations in 2011
1 Turkey
2 Italy
third Carlsbad
4 Greece

Spain 5th 6th Montenegro

Prague 7th 8th 9th France
10 Maldives

Sports Searched 2011
1 hockey
3 tennis hockey volleyball
fifth football
6 athletics

handball 7th 8th 9th hockey
beach volleyball
10th futsal

2011 Most Wanted products
1 . furniture (beds, garden furniture, wall units)
2 strollers
3 shoes (shoes, boots, sneakers)
4 bags (backpacks, handbags, shoulder bags)
5 clothing (shirts, leather jackets, shirts)

6th 7th seat bag (sitting, punching)

wallet 8th 9th electrical (white goods)
10th jewelry (Swarovski, watches)

Most Wanted Food 2011
1 coffee
2 ginger
4 sage ginger Tea

asparagus 5th 6th 7th thyme

chocolate bear garlic 8th 9th

10th balm basil

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