Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We know the secrets of the iPhone by Steve Jobs. He looks completely different - iDNES.cz

The year is 2007 and Steve Jobs at the San Francisco stage a product on which his team worked for the past years. Before him, however, show the world befall jokes: will appear on screen music player iPod Classic vytáčecím wheel. The audience laughs, without knowing that the vision of such a product has long been on the agenda.

Let’s go back a few years back to 2005 when Apple in Cupertino U.S. prepares mobile phone which comes into history. Neither company chief Steve Jobs, however, still do not know how it should look like prepared mobile. There are two variants: the phone with a touchscreen and phone vytáčecím wheel. On the iPhone at this time there are two teams, each of them while concentrating o n a variant of the phone.

For unbelievers, there is a U.S. patent in late 2006, which demonstrates the vision of mobile phone vytáčecím wheel. This control feature offers the user passed the main menu and submenus, dialed phone numbers, or even “tapping out” words of text messages.

“did not work too. With the wheel, we had many difficulties, especially when we tried to induce him to artificial dial numbers,” he recalls in the biography of Steve Jobs, Tony Fadell, who stood behind the development of the iPod. “The members of each team, although convinced that people will still want to call especially those that already have the list, yet knew that this would not work in reality,” says the biography.

‘After six months of work on the phone with the control dial on the phone with multitouch display, Jobs called his closest associates in the conference room to decide. Fadell tried very hard to develop a model with a cont rol wheel, but admitted that he ultimately failed to find a simple way to dial of numbers. multidotykového path display was risky, because the team was not sure whether it can handle design, but it was also interesting and promising. “

Which of the options ultimately prevailed, he knows now more than 100 million users worldwide .


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