Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3M: Private filters for the iPhone and iPad - ChannelWorld.cz

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Private filters on iPhone and iPad do not restrict by 3M Touch device function and maintain a clean and clear picture display. Protective film Natural View, which begins with 3M also supply the Czech market, in turn, prevent scratching the display. The package of filters for iPads is also available micro-fiber cloth, through which purge screen before applying the filter. Privacy filters are available in matt horizontal or vertical design.

Models for the iPhone iPhone 3G / s Portrait / matt, iPhone 3G / s in width / matt, iPhone 4 in height / matt, iPhone4s in height.

Models for the iPad: iPad in height, iPad in width, iPad 2 in height iPad 2 in width

3M Natural View transparencies feature new technologies mitigating reflections on the display. The foil is applied and removed without leaving traces, and the manufacturer also resistant to the smears, stains and against dust and other dirt on the edges due to its patented Stay-Clean Edges.

Films for iPhone: iPhone 3G / s, iPhone 4 iPhone 4s.

Films iPad: Universal Tablet size (trim-to-fit) 10.8 “x 8.8″ (274.3 mm X 223.5 mm), iPad 9.7 “diagonal.

Suggested retail price 3M privacy filters (excluding VAT) are set at CZK 325 for a private filter for the iPhone and 722 CZK for the iPad.

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