Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Read a special edition of TODAY MF Havel for iPad and iPhone -

        MF TODAY editorial prepared for the iPad and iPhone special extended edition devoted to the death of Vaclav Havel.


Special Edition delivers six pages of detailed reporting on how it will look like transporting the coffin with the remains of ex-president of the Castle and Friday’s funeral.

MF DNES also contains a special photo gallery of Vaclav Havel with unique images respected photojournalist Herbert Nightingale.

Annex and readers will find coverage of the Prague Crossroads, where people went to bow to the coffin.

Interview with Ján Čarnogurským that Slovaks Havel very honored, although it had occasionally comments.

Comments for MF DNES wrote Bretislav Rychlik and Ivan Klima.

Annex brings memories of a personal physician who says that Havel lived beyond the possibilities of his body.

And – last Havel’s New Year’s wish that he could still sign.



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