Thursday, December 8, 2011

OnLive Game Service is coming to the IOS device: Play the ... -

OnLive OnLive Game Service is a cloud solution for playing video games. The service allows you to play the latest games on standard TVs, PCs and Macs and most recently, multimedia tablets, phones and portable music players. OnLive works on a very user-simple, but technically quite demanding principle. The user only needs a device that will stream content from servers to OnLive device that uses the user. The device may, for computers or tablet / phone to replace the simple application of the same functions. The device of the user does not perform any calculations, but only transfers data streams or by the OnLive servers and back. Servers automatically performs all calculations and send data back to the device or application on the user side. For operation of the service is only necessary to have internet connection at 1.4 Mb / s device to which it is possible to connect or install OnLive.

Today launched the OnLive service connection for a client running IOS and Android. The possibility is still like the whole service applies only to users from the USA and Great Britain. For the situation offers exceptionally not copyrighted, but the lack of servers, which is currently just starting. Once enough customers, including enough money in the bank accounts OnLive, the service will also see the European customers. OnLive offers an application for the IOS device that allows control via touch screen device with use akcelometru and gyroscope. Alternatively, visitors can also buy a special gamepad which you control the game, that is available for a price of $ 49.99. Currently, 25 games available that are adapted for touchscreen control iPad and iPhone.


OnLive is available for free in the iTunes App Store. However, users must pay for individual games and buy so-called OnLive PlayPack Bundle, a package in which OnLive games are available for a certain period of time. Games can be played under one account on all devices that are connected with it, it will automatically continue always in the position where you left the game. For example, if you’re playing on the TV and turn off OnLive, just the same account to connect to the iPad, and you can continue playing at the same time you turned off the TV. Users who will now connect to the OnLive service will receive a free copy of LEGO Batman ™: The Videogame.

What is OnLive really?
The owner of one of our partners and my friend had a chance to play OnLive while visiting the U.S. and described the service as follows: “The speed of the Internet really is no problem just the normal connection. Games, however, not going so smoothly, as you ’re used to computers and consoles. But they cut differently than if you do not have a computer powerful enough for the game. Graphics is not at the highest level, but rather set the average views. Most interesting is a real opportunity to play on any computer or TV, unless you’ve fanšmejkři and searching for the best graphics settings with the best sound settings, OnLive will not satisfy. “

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