Friday, December 9, 2011

Apple wants to end the era of endless litigation, offered his hand to ... -

PRAGUE (Reuters) – American manufacturer of computers and smart phones Apple apparently wants to end the era of endless litigation and settlement offered its closest competitor, Samsung. On Friday it with reference to Reuters informs the server to PC World.

Manufacturer smartphone iPhone and iPad tablet Apple has offered a settlement to their biggest rivals, Korean Samsung. The basis for negotiations that would end a long period of patent litigation with Apple Samsung, are points which should follow Samsung in the design of their products.

design of Samsung phones Apple suggests that the front side of the apparatus was black, the overall shape was rectangular and had rounded corners, the display was placed in a symmetrical front of the device Wednesday and had significant framing and headphone hole is not horizontal.

“Produce thick, asymmetrical and bulky boxes with thick borders around the display,” summarized the suggestions in Apple’s hyperbole Reuters.

Samsung has to offer Apple’s silence.

“The Korean manufacturer is pulling the long side of the rope,” said Reuters and recalled that during 2011, Samsung overtook Apple’s store and its share of further increases.

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