Monday, December 19, 2011

Android is the iPhone really complicated and boring - echoes from Nokia -

director of product portfolio, marketing and sales of Finnish Nokia, Niels Munksgaard, commented on the situation on the mobile phone market. They argue that society has fed the same iPhone, and is confused by the complexity of the system Android.

change their corporate policy, the Finnish Nokia has decided to fight not only acts but also the mouth. Niels Munksgaard, director of product portfolio, marketing and sales in the Nokia range of mobile phones reviewed. In rather sharp criticism said that the world is full of teeth and the rest of the iPhone is confused by the complexity of Android. While other thus offering continual evolution of its previous products, Nokia has decided to go another direction and bring something new.

What we see is that young people have tired of the iPhone. Everyone has the iPhone “expressed his concern Munksgaard. “ Too many of them are dissatisfied with the lack of complexity of the Android security. We found that young people like to walk a tightrope and want to try new things. So bring Windows Mobile, a relatively new platform, we went to meet them. “He is very confused with the lack of variability,” The market is very crowded. But what I see, it is a sea of ​​sameness. When you come into the store, look on the shelf on the exposed pieces, you will see a flood of black glossy cakes that look basically the same, and that is something that confuses the customer what he wants. We want to provide phones and services that are different.

starting shapes, colors, finishing, Nokia does everything to show the diversity of its smartphones.

Nokia itself has set the bar quite high. If they want to differentiate, they must be trying Windows Phone more. The few services that offers extra Nokia is definitely not anything else forced at the mention of Windows Mobile, Nokia recall only. What we have to admit, however, Nokia is the fact that the new Lumi are models that are decidedly different from other phones. All around are heard but the successes of others, and so Nokia can still only hope that she will return to the limelight .* PHP 5.x -*

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