Saturday, December 10, 2011

Motorola now has won a patent dispute in Germany with Apple -

MANNHEIM (Reuters) – Motorola Mobility Holdings in Germany because of precautionary measures has won a patent dispute that led to Apple for selling the iPhone and iPad on the German market. Informed the agency said.

The court in Mannheim ruled that the European part of Apple – Apple Sales International – to stop the sale and distribution of devices that interfere with some of Motorola’s patents. The decision relates to communication technologies that use patents, like the iPhone and iPad 3G 4.

“The decision is aimed at Apple’s European sales organization, but only applies to the sale that the company provides for German clients,” he told Reuters on patent law expert Florian Müller.

European part of the Apple Sales International is based in Cork, Ireland and the verdict, the court has concerns patents for wireless communication. If the company does not resolve the dispute, Apple might have a problem later in Germany to sell the latest iPhone 4 or iPad 3G tablets.

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