Saturday, December 10, 2011

Liven bridge full of video games and art. Best Video of the week brings GeekTV -

Europe might decay, but the world of information technology has its limits was found. Show that the most popular videos last week. Most of the attention aroused video directly associated with smart phones.

Unknown group Hey Geronimo the song Why Do not We Do Something created a video in the Internet itself suppressed storm track. That’s not the case with other clips. Flying over water, or animations on the bridge or bike just captivates his main message.

popularity of games for the iPhone and other touchscreen phones is already successful in a few clips on Youtube. Perhaps opening song performed by Angry Birds duo Pomplamoose belongs to the golden fund of music videos.

* Znacka_konec_textu_zdarma *Hey Geronimo

Group also used the Angry Birds, but added to the game Flight Control, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies – played in a real environment with lovely stewardess.

far from pop, right in the middle of modern art trend is a video created by the Harvest Light Studio. The project, As Above, So below is due to several dozen people who have created a phenomenal 3D projection and the Manhattan Bridge.

work won the Dumbo Arts Festival, and we take my hat off perhaps more than a projection from Nokia, we showed last week.

Similar work of art, but with a much smaller demands on the technological equipment, Katy Beveridge created as part of their studies. She tried to find out whether the film animation in real time. It goes, and the result is amazing. The great impression of great proportion and used music, which includes sounds that occur when driving on an ordinary bike.

Finally, a video that promotes the typical Christmas machine – flying over the water because the water itself. You just need a little patience and a rich Jesus – 130 thousand for a device with a strap and the water scooter with great power (or optional equipment for an additional 25 thousand dollars).

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