Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mobile marketing: the future is bright -

            Capacitive Display and the ability to control your mobile device with your finger got back into the world of Apple. The picture is his iPad 2

Mobile advertising market, according to all forecasts in the coming years, rocketing growth. If only the United States this year’s volume of online advertising on mobile devices is estimated at $ 3.3 billion, by 2015 has increased more than six times the total volume of $ 20.6 billion. “Mobile advertising is now regarded as a great opportunity for brands, advertisers and publishers, because it enables consumers to reach a targeted and contextual manner, thus improving return on invested funds,” said Stephanie Baghdassarianová, research director at Gartner, which examines, inter alia, mobile marketing on a global scale.

“For this reason, will be mobile advertising budgets significantly increasing in all categories and regions. In 2010 it was 0.5 percent of total global advertising budget in 2015 it will have 4 percent. “Blanket use of mobile advertising assumes widespread dissemination smartphones and tablets. In the phone is not about whether mobile site yes or no -85 percent of new phones have the ability to access the Web through a browser. Note that most of them are not “smart phones” can just run an ad. Conventional phones are still the ‘smart’ lead in the ratio 4:1, smart phones, however, are experiencing the greatest percentage increase. Nokia is a leader while still in both smart, and “ordinary” phones this year would have to first replace phones with Android.

In the tablet, the situation is simpler: the leader monitors, at present, however, got a strong competitor – Fire Kindle can do most of the things for which people buy tablets, but is not even half of what the cheapest model iPad. He does not so much applications, but due to its availability is already extremely popular (Amazon does not want to ruin your reputation, and therefore not sent before Christmas anywhere outside the U.S., does not want to risk the unavailability of stocks in the pre-Christmas rush). In any case, but can say that within a few years, the availability of mobile advertising in terms of target groups at the same level as other media types. Focus is on mobile advertising – recommended by 4 out of 5 strategic planners …


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