Friday, December 16, 2011

Try a new application for reading the MF DNES iPad or iPhone -

MF Dnes says a new application for the iPad and iPhone. From today you can read the newspaper without having to go to newsagent. MF TODAY readers will be able to read at any time, at home and abroad.

The application includes a page, as you know in printed form, but it also offers something extra – the ability to read articles in special practical form. “We wanted to prepare readers for the most comfortable environment. If someone loves classic newspaper form, it can choose. If someone would rather read articles in a slightly different version, you may choose this particular style,” says editor Robert Čásenský MF DNES. The special form is also possible to enlarge the photos. And some articles will be provided with photo galleries.

Detailed instructions for application of MF DNES iPad and iPhone

Look how the application looks MF DNES and how it works

Another thing is that, unlike the printed newspaper reader has to read just two regional annex at once – by choice. “It is a service such as for people who come from Brno and want to know what is happening there, but living and working in Prague. So you can browse Brno and Prague at the same site,” explains Čásenský.

Applications MF TODAY for iPad and iPhone also includes other services. Archive copies of MF DNES become not only stored in the iPhone or iPad, but also on our servers, from where the reader can always download it again. Newspapers are available for half an hour after midnight.

All these services will be at the same time one price, up to two weeks of withdrawal: until the newspaper is free. Readers are bringing a partner application automaker Kia Motors. “We want readers to have the possibility to download and use for free to try, as they like,” says editor MF DNES Čásenský.

Prices are good. Subscriptions to the moon for example, will be 9.99 euros, or about 260 CZK for 26 issues of MF DNES. One issue worth 0.79 euros, which is the minimum price for the item set by Apple. “In the future we will try to create a convenient package for subscribers printed version,” says Čásenský.

MF Dnes newspaper content while not identical to the content partner news portal that provides quick information about what just happened and what’s going on. While both the media closely, logically differ. MF Dnes brings exclusive articles, unique stories, interviews, stories and analysis explaining the long-going and current events. It also has a team of investigative reporters, trying to expose iniquity, publishes various magazines: SHE TODAY Monday, Wednesday DOMA, Magazine + TV Thursday and Saturday weekend.

MF DNES prepare for the future digital form for further tablets and mobile phones, for example with Android. “Application for Apple is the first step, other platforms should follow in the new year,” says Čásenský.


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