Thursday, December 8, 2011

iPhone 4S: error with discharge may not be possible at all correct - Computerworld

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iOS 5.0.1 firmware update from Apple is brought (only) help resolve the error loop when synchronizing the iPhone 4S, which resulted in greater energy consumption and thus decrease the battery faster. The main problem with which most users, however, faces a new iPhone, and which causes them to short battery life, but remained completely uncorrected. Maybe that is not going to either repair.

Kyle Wiens of iFixit site confirms that the decrease in battery on the iPhone 4S is with considerable repair IOS 5.0.1 and the phone charged only lasts a few hours. Even if the battery in the iPhone 4S greater capacity than the iPhone 4, the overall phone lasts much less and many commentators in this context the question of his way to his lips as he could not afford a new Apple iPhone in this state, that could be called ‘ beta “state at all on the market.

However, a small battery troubles many owners of modern smartphones and classic miniature lithium-ion batteries are apparently unable to keep pace with the rapidly growing rich smartphone capabilities. For example, chipsets to work in 4G networks is highly energy intensive and one of the reasons why Apple did not yet support iPhone 4G, although it is generally expected, it just might be the problem with sufficient durability of such devices. That 4G chipsets are very energy intensive, confirm some new models of smartphones with Android, against whom he is perhaps the iPhone 4S champion still in the hold.

iPhone 4S problem but may be caused by the continuous error detection location devices, as initially written (see Article 5 Error in IOS causing problems with iPhone battery life) and it is probably only part of the complex causes. The new device has a dual core processor, whose energy efficiency is probably worse than single-core version, the 8 megapixel camera will be more energy-intensive than the 5 megapixel because it needs more power and features were also other changes, all of which may contribute to higher consumption. New iOS 5 is much more complex operating system, in particular by extending the support iCloudu so complex and run the OS device more than fills the presses. Apple also took too much consumption and hang out if the device is switched on continuously lit LED detector approach, if you phone to your ear, is activated automatically Siri. All this contributes to increasing consumption, and although nobody knows exactly how much it is possible that the problem with the rapid loss of battery is determined by the overall concept of the new equipment and removal of existing bugs or situation is resolved. And even the very “famous” Siri technology is a relatively large consumer of CPU power and thus the battery, because it must compress words, send them over the net and get back answers. According to Wiens of iF ixit energy demands Siri can compare with the consumption of surfing (which is not very low).

What are the implications for the conclusion? If it would be sufficient to correct a simple error in the firmware, which would be discharged at a constant detection device locations, Apple would probably just did. That iOS 5.0.1 did not bring solutions, points to the possible fact that the situation or simply no reasonable solution is at most only povypínat not quite all the necessary functions to limit the possibilities that the iPhone 4S offers.

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Main photo: Main photo: © iFixit

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