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The collection of jokes on New Year's Eve Apple & iPhone -

31st December 2011 – 15:44 · Premysl Steidl


Satire is one of the signs of success. Apple is currently very successful, and it means a lot of jokes headed in his direction. For today’s happy day we have them collected for you some. know more? Insert a link to the discussion. To continue in the same spirit? Try our older article “14 best jokes Apple iPad” .

What actually originated iPhone 4S? (Source:

main topic was the premiere of iPhone 4S, which was a sensation, as many expected. A lot of fun, we enjoyed the voice of Apple’s assistant Siri, her výplodům we spent several separate articles …

And by the way – you know how Apple managed to conceal the new iPhone 4S to the very beginning of the press conference? It did not, but nobody noticed that roam the world hundreds of prototypes …

Schedule an appointment with me Dilbert and Alice on the tenth.
nothing, the phone has the care of it. Embarrassing. (Source:

the new head of Apple’s Tim Cook was preparing for the premiere of iPhone 4S? Where do you prepare your speech at the press conference? Where it found a good acoustics and enough privacy?


to avoid the creation or Steve Jobs, even though he died in the fall. Jokes that are appropriate and less appropriate, funny and sharp. We will keep a decent memorial lines and show you two illustrations that pay tribute to Steve’s work. Where can you have the iPad?

Source: NewYorker. com

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know that traditional promotional videos that follow the premiere of every major Apple product? Sophisticated commentary, demonstration and admiration for marketers around the world. What happens when you release in this format parodisté?

We’re here today talking about the signs of success. Is it the price of products and not all of it has to be happy … (source:


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