Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Siri for Android" in the Android Market last long - LUPA

Siri for Android attracted thousands of credulous users, probably believers that Siri was ported from iPhone to Android environment. Actually this was somewhat fraudulent application will not find Google threw it out – in the Market appeared in the middle.

even a little surprised that the author of this application uses the name “Official App” so little, it is sufficient to increase the “confidence” in the offered products. One other such example was the “official” Pinterest applications (Google it also deleted).

developer named “Official App” of course “Siri” Android neportoval, it was only a trigger to launch “Google Voice Action” and the description of the application it was stated. Probably not so it was not a malicious application, as in many other examples. Android Market provides commonly pirated copies of popular applications for Android with “added value” in the form of malware.

Source: “Official” Siri app hits the Android Market, Google’s marketplace highlights issues

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