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Best android swept the competition. Review of Galaxy Nexus -

already twice had the honor to make the Samsung literally flagship operating system, Android, and neither time did not fail. In addition to the giant screen with almost incredible resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) had endowed with a dual core processor at 1.2 GHz and 1GB RAM. In addition, you can look forward to supporting technologies such as NFC, wi-fi or direct a brand new operating system in version 4.0. He detail we have dismantled this article closer to him in a review will take.

relatively strong even above-average battery life and a fast camera that has virtually no delay between shots. The main disadvantage, while the advantages of this model is just a giant screen, a very difficult one-handed operation. Most of the p opulation will be doomed to constant ručkování and reaching round. But it is a tax on otherwise great visual experience.

Design and construction – twin twos

similarity with the model of the Galaxy SII is definitely not purely random, and both devices have similarly shaped body. At the bottom is typical stump, which then quickly narrows to a chief part. The whole body model Galaxy Nexus is slightly bent, but this time not so much as its predecessor.

Pros and cons

Why buy?

  • agility equipment
  • giant screen with HD
  • Android 4.0
  • perfect workmanship
  • two core processor
  • relatively good battery life

Why not to buy?

    worse one-handed
  • only slightly above average camera

When: on sale

For what? 14 800 CZK with VAT

praise rubberized back cover that is at least a partial safeguard against slipping out of hand. The quality of processing other parts of the phone is obviously excellent. Breaking display button is located on other phones like Samsung, on the right side.

Capitol itself for itself are the dimensions of the apparatus (136 × 68 × 9 mm) and the related display of 4.65 inches diagonal. Prepare and reaching round to the already mentioned and uncertainty, when you operate the phone with one hand while walking for example. However, there is a relatively high probability that you get used to this property, you will train a series of new grifo or simply need to use your other hand. However, keep this fact in the purchase of any real note.

You’ll get used musez, as traditionally, spotted on the front of the device. On the contrary, we welcome back this time three-color signal diode, which is hidden at the bottom. The lamp time is much larger than usual, but a littl e less clear. Three round knob on the side are intended for connection to a docking station.

Due to the size of the device is actually a decent weight: only 135 grams. In vain would you seek any body of the device hardware buttons except the volume control and turn on the display. The traditional three or four buttons caters to the lower bar on the display, where the keys are always displayed. An exception is the video playback and games. To cover this bar must be created directly from the developer support the application.

Operating System – groundbreaking version

Galaxy Nexus drives 1.2 GHz processor OMAP platform based on ARM Cortex-A9 GPU PowerVR SGX540. Although some might expect Tegra or Snapdragon latest, we can assure you that the whole system is pretty fast and in normal browsing menus, work with a web browser, or gaming. It speed is one of the main slogans of the new operating system. You do not have to worry about loss of power, compared for example with HTC Sensation XE with 1.5 GHz processor or other high-end phones last year.

Android 4.0 brings a number of changes in control and in many ways it makes it easier (more on that in separate article). Very interesting to see how the manufacturers will build the hardware launch buttons. We had the honor to watch retreat optical trackball or joystick, which after all occupy too much space.

At the present time would not be a significant problem even with the backward compatibility of applications. Although the programs are modified to a partial change in operating phi losophy and the disappearance of traditional ikonového menu at the bottom of the screen, their functionality, however, should remain the same. The problem can be rather different game.

display and battery life – surprising holder

Can you guarantee that you will melt the quality of the display that has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and uses Super AMOLED technology. In addition, the new Android 4.0 is used a new font, which is even rounder, so the difference is noticeable. Perfect color and is above average readability in direct sunlight. We commend the sensitivity of the touch layer and move, for example, function keys in the touch screen did not bother us at all.

It is interesting to compare the softness display ppi (pixels per inch) with major competitors. Samsung Galaxy SII has a density of 218 ppi, 233 ppi Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Note 285 ppi, but rather the iPhone 4 with 326 ppi Galaxy plays the Nexus, which boasts 316 ppi. iPhone 4, however, has more than an inch smaller screen.

Due to screen size, high resolution and dual-core processor is almost a surprise that the phone during our testing lingered one and a half or nearly two days of operation. As always, it depends on how you use and how often you use the GPS data transfer or synchronize a variety of applications.

Function – blitz camera

From the functional model of equipment missing Galaxy Nexus practically nothing. You can enjoy data transfers HSPA, Wi-Fi even in the 5GHz band, wi-fi direct, NFC and even barometer. It is used for determining your position quickly and may appear even though applications using its services, it is questionable how much they are accurate.

Internal memory is 16 or 32 gigabytes depending on the version sold equipment. Note that memory is not directly accessible via the USB Mass Storage but over the MTP, which is part of the Windows operating system. Method of use is virtually identical. This is because it is not possible to have simultaneously connected to the computer and memory in the phone mode, which allows the USB Mass Storage.

At a very good camera is also a 5 Mpix resolution, automatic (continuous) autofocus přisvětlovací diode. Picture quality is just above average in this respect the Galaxy Nexus hole in the world does. A few better performers are simply found. In good lighting conditions, everything is fine, but otherwise it begins to show noticeable noise. It should be noted, however, the delay between images is virtually zero. Video can be recorded at resolutions up to 1080p.

Competition – waiting for spring

As it happens own model for Google, the competition is always one step behind and a few months certainly will. At the beginning of the year could have endowed many Android 4.0 phones like the HTC Sensation or Galaxy SII, which would then become at least partially equivalent competitors today recenzovanému device. None of them offers such a monstrous LCD just like the Galaxy Nexus.

On the right competitors, we will have to wait a few months and hopefully (as always) will try to beat the Google model. And whether in terms of equipment or functional user interface, such as offering HTC Sense. With any luck, the future awaits us so very swift full HD displays and equipment packed into a great cover.

  • LG Optimus 2X

    Smartphone LG Optimus One 2x dual-core processor is the perfect multimedia companion, which proves čtyřpalcový WVGA display, under which the touch panel on the traditional set of system buttons or osmimegapixelový built-in camera.

    * Sleva0 *

    Price: 10 990 CZK

  • HTC Sensation
    HTC Sensation boasts a dual-core Snapdragon processor and a giant screen with high resolution. Besides offering a great processing osmimegapixelový camera with autofocus and GPS navigation.

    * Sleva0 *

    Price: 11 490 CZK

  • Samsung Galaxy S II

    Samsung Galaxy S II is the thinnest and one of the most powerful smartphone ever. Body of the phone is only 8.49 mm thin. The biggest improvements are a new dual-core processor and display. He has a diagonal 4.3 inches and uses AMOLED technology Super Plus.

    * Sleva0 *

    Price: 13 990 CZK


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