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Chinese iPhone Android called Meizu M9 and only learn Czech -

Emgeton Meizu M9

photo: Bell Technology

Meizu M9

is actually a legendary phone, which is a very long talk, but nobody really saw it. The first information about the Chinese “iPhone killer” appeared in May rou 2010th Promised superior performance, high resolution display and an elegant look.

After a year and a half, the legend has become reality, which performs surprisingly most of what she promised. The biggest advantage of the phone display. It has the same resolution as the display iPhone 4 and it covers Gorilla Glass. But it is not exactly the same. Development time teleofnu reveals a small detail – the power connector. This is an older type of miniUSB, which is now extinct on the phones.

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Sharp display technology produces Meizu PenTile, one point does not three but only two color components and the resulting image is less sharp. With such fine resolution display but it is not clear and the same technology used and the Galaxy Nexus. Between the iPhone and Meizu is rather larger difference in colors that are richer on the iPhone.

At first glance, Meizu M9 points more than the iPhone rather Samsung Galaxy, thanks prostřednímu hardware button that has the shape of a rounded rectangle. Compared to the first information is Meizu M8 slightly poorer in the fact that it has no metal body. Plastic parts but aligned and nevržou. The test model also came with glued foil design with carbon fiber, which is pleasant to the touch.

Meizu M9

will hold power. Gigahertzový processor is sufficient as a year and a half after the first notification phone. Equipped with phone and graphics chip, which stands for smooth animation system for Meizu goes smoothly and play lots of games. The camera then is the average nenadchne, but fundamentally not disappoint. As usual, a good light the images are usable, under artificial light and dark images are blurred and full of noise.

Android Not quite, not entirely Czech

Meizu M9

builds on the Android version 2.3, but in modified form. The biggest difference from the standard Google Android is the absence of a list of applications. Overview of simply nowhere in the menu is not hidden – the phone automatically places icons downloaded programs directly to one of the standby screen exactly as it does the iPhone.

Meizu environment

Improvements and modifications of the Meizu is more. Excellent resolution is unlocking the phone. At the bottom of the screen after pressing the power button or the center shows the bottom bar with three windows, the middle unlocks the phone to the main screen, left and right contacts causes the current message again. It’s surprisingly comfortable and functional.

alterations but deserves only praise. Apart from the missing list of applications to which users are accustomed to Android especially struck by the keyboard – which unfortunately is Czech, so the owner of the phone waiting for investments such as the keyboard SlideIT with Czech dictionary (worth approximately 120 million). Czech distributor czech support when writing about yet. Phone manufacturer and promises an update to Android 4.0, but no one knows where the customers will also see a correction.

Another unpleasant treatment is the lack of Gmail and other applications on conventional phones with Android. Built-in e-mail application is also a problem with Gmail – loaded only 7 e-mails in September, and new messages as they come. Fortunately, the missing phone Android Market, so you can legally download the missing programs and use. It works well sending applications from a Web version of the Android Market on your phone, so this area is fine.

Verdict : Meizu fights against strong competition. Unlike more familiar with a similar price phones is hilarious display. Conversely loses points for missing Czech keyboard and the absence of application from Google by default. The phone is therefore in the present state suitable only for experienced users. Others will need to have better luck with the Xperia Ray, which offers similarly fine display and similar equipment.

Emgeton Meizu M9
smart phone with Android 2.3

Display : 8.97 cm (3.54 “) LCD, 960×640 pixels
CPU : 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 Power VR SGX 540
Memory : 512 MB RAM, 8 GB microSD Package
Camera : 5 megapixel

Dimensions : 59 × 113 × 11 mm
Weight : 123 g

Price : CZK 8,999 (CZK 9,499 for the version with 16 GB memory card)

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