Wednesday, December 14, 2011

iPhone is no longer cool and Android is too complicated, says Nokia -

“What we see today is the youth, who from all sides, stuffing the iPhone .. We all have it, it’s like an epidemic, “said Niels. “Many users also is not satisfied with the complexity of Android and security weaknesses. More and more have recently notice that young people what they want to be in and try something new directs our attention to Windows Mobile. “

iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy
Nokia 800

left 4S iPhone, Samsung and Nokia Galaxy Lumia 800th

Despite some undeniable quality but certainly not easy at the time crowded with the latest technologies to go forward, as he himself observes Munksgaard.

“The current market is extremely crowded. I call it the monotony of the sea, “he added. “When you walk into a store and come to the shelf with the iPhone 4S, side by side you see the same black cubes, it is one and the same. We want to offer equipment and services that are different. “

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shining example is the decision of the Finnish manufacturer’s latest model of Nokia, entitled Lumia 800, which not only attracts customers with its services, but also a very appealing design. Among those “different” services include for example, by Nokia Neilse Mix Radio, which allows users to listen to music without having to pay monthly fees to your phone or copy ours. Nokia wants to further expand the musical experience, which also includes the possible docking stations and better speakers, so that people can listen to your favorite songs in the highest quality.

Nokia 800
Nokia 800
Nokia 800

“Personally, I prefer wireless transmissions rather than the docking station,” said Munksgaard. “Docking station has its limitations and in particular the need to have a camera permanently attached. We have been extremely satisfied with our facilities, we would certainly welcome the manufacturer in the future, what would we have created a special external station. What will Windows Mobile ecosystem growth, so we will be able to produce more accessories. “

Nokia is trying to hit the market in the golden middle. We take it to customers who already bored with the iPhone and Android is too complicated for them. If we count many Lumia as the beginning, it’s a good start at the most.


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