Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New SkyDrive: Microsoft gives your iPhone extra 25 gigabytes free -

SkyDrive Not everyone has to conform to the complete integration iCloudu iOS and would amply suffice to make extra space, which has access from your iPhone. Microsoft launched SkyDrive cloud solution, which provides free registration after 25 gigabytes of space for your files. While the service on mobile phones op eračním Windows Phone behaves like iCloud in IOS, on mobile phones iPhone and iPod Touch multimedia players is a clear repository with Double Layer editing and saving files. So, if you are looking for and iCloud does not only expand the spa ce in which you can store files, SkyDrive is your ideal solution.


integration with the operating system IOS some users can enjoy more than iCloud, which is firmly connected with the IOS. SkyDrive is basically similar to DropBox, but from my personal point of view provides a more spectacular and more efficient design and options. Unlike DropBox, which provides registered users with just two gigabytes free space, users get 25 gigabytes SkyDrive straight points to Microsoft’s servers. If you remember to review Kingston’s Wi-Drive, which for the price of nearly three thousand crowns provides 16 gigabytes with the fact that the disk is still necessary to wear them, it seems like the ideal SkyDrive free available option for saving files, of course, need an Internet connection. The application works when connected via Wi-Fi or 3G.

options for IOS SkyDrive

  • Access to the cloud SkyDrive
  • Automatic display of recently used documents
  • upload photos and videos from iPhone / iPod touch into SkyDrive
  • Share links to files on SkyDrive through mail
  • Creating, odtraňování and browsing folders

* Source: / SkyDrive

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