Saturday, December 31, 2011

iPad saved Christmas thanks to Find My iPhone -

apple-ipad-2 The story behind that would have embarrassed many a writer has written himself a life on-screen iPad. Not everyone celebrates Christmas as we used to, try some of these during the holidays to get the foreign assets of more nerozbalených gifts. In American California around half past four in the morning crept into the house of one family thief who stole two LCD televisions, laptop, and about forty Christmas gifts, the family still missed even unpack.

Children, however, had as one of the monitors also get gifts, but the previous owner has already activated the day and especially to protect their children activated the Find My iPhone feature. With this feature, and cooperation with the California police managed to catch a thief just a few houses away and get back all the stolen things. The thief had also with him other things also from the robbery and served as a Christmas in jail with bail $ 50 000.

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