Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advanced electronic signatures for new iPad and iPhone - Computerworld

mobile solution that allows you to attach various documents, electronic signature or to check their validity, the company introduced Software602. Available for iPad and iPhone platforms.

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connecting electronic signature creates a trusted electronic document that has at least the same legal force as an instrument with a handwritten signature. Sign Master so to sign the decision, contract or other document from any location where the user has with him his smartphone or tablets.

Another significant feature of this application is the validation of electronic signatures on documents. It is the act, which is quite difficult on the computer but rather should be standard practice to anyone who works with electronic original documents.

Using Sign Master said just two tap the touch screen. Application is via the portal SecuStamp connect with a certification authority (the institution that guarantees the authenticity of the signature), performs authentication and possibly create a verification clause. Currently SecuStamp service verifies electronic signatures created with certificates from more than 70 certification authorities from the European Union and beyond.

Sign Master is also used to generate certificates in connection to the CA. This is the easiest way to get a signing certificate directly to your mobile device.

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