Friday, December 16, 2011

The new iPhone for Christmas? Almost no chance -

“iPhones unfortunately we do not stock,” says Bohuslav iSetos ryegrass from the store, which is one of exclusive distributors of Apple. The fact that iPhones are then reported as other vendors, such as Qstore, Alza, iStyle and more. “IPhone 4 no longer on the menu we have iPhones and 4S are now sold out,” says Vit Goluch of iStyle.

Who wants the iPhone 4 under the tree at any price, must buy the mobile operators. They have stock still relatively quite, but the risk is that the customers who want the phone without a contract may not get. “IPhones in the stores we have, but obviously prefer to have those customers who want a phone and contract,” says Jiri Janecek from the Press Office T-Mobile, adding that i t depends on all vendors, whether to sell iPhone without contract.

iPhone 4S will be in stock and other domestic operator, Vodafone. “IPhone 4S have enough for the Christmas market, the previous model of iPhone 4 doprodáváme,” says Vodafone spokesman Elizabeth Houzarová.

Whoever the new iPhone will go to Vodafone, they must reckon with the fact that you pay extra few thousand. While in the Apple online store can 4S iPhone with 16 GB buy at 14,490 crowns, domestic Vodafone without a contract it has for more than 16 thousand crowns.

Another possibility, where the new iPhone will get the auction server There are prices for the phone memory, 16 gigabytes around 15 thousand crowns.

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