Friday, December 16, 2011

AP: The iPad tablet become toys for children - Czech newspaper

New York – Make room for iPads in boxes with toys: Crayola company allows children to scribble on iPads iMarkery special, as if you drew in coloring books. Children under 12 years old can sing your favorite Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez Cyruseovou the Disney microphone which transforms tablets karaoke. Technological accessories from Griffin allows the helicopter to help control the iPhone, which is transformed into a remote control.

This holiday season turned into tablets and phones Apple’s new toys for children, writes AP. The manufacturers believe that in today’s economic situation, parents will want to take supplements to children what they already have or they want.

Tiffany Fesslerová of Gainsville, GA it certainly was ready, even when You bought the iPad at $ 829 (16,170 dollars), he thought that he shared with her 20 month son. Whenever I sat down to him but to check emails, always with her son climbed on his lap and wanted to play with him.

Fesslerová therefore decided to buy him for $ 29.99 (585 dollars) iMarker by Crayola that uses application ColorStudio HD free download. Children can draw on the tablet with a soft pencil end, without scratching it.

“If you carry a screaming toddler in a restaurant or in public, you want something that would soothe him,” explains Fesslerová. “It’s just a way to keep busy.”

Not surprisingly, the iPad and iPhone hit the market toys with a turnover of $ 22 billion this year. Smartphones and tablets – especially Apple products – they are the most popular subject for all age groups. This year it is expected that Apple will double global sales to 90.6 million iPhones, as the research firm Gartner, while the number of monitors sold are likely to triple to 46.7 million.

Apple products are very popular among children , in which toy companies are betting and hoping that at least half the revenue increase during the holidays. This year the iPad and iPhone are among the most electronics for kids. About 44 percent of children between six and 12 years wishes iPad. The iPod is in second place with 30 percent, followed him with 27 percent of the iPhone.

Many parents, of course, knows even without surveys, as she likes to play babies and older children with his mother’s iPad. Nearly 40 percent of children two years to four year s has used a smartphone, iPad, iPod, as indicated by a survey of nonprofit Common Sense Media. For five to eight-year this number rises to 52 percent.

“It’s something that is suitable for children in the car or to visit the doctor,” says Chris Baynes, an analyst with toys. “It’s a way to soothe a child.”

This is what inspired Crayola to connect with Griffin Technology, which sells case and car charger for iPhone and iPad. Together they produced iMarker, which is for children three years and the application ColorStudio HD for children. “It does not matter for whom it buys, but once it is in the home, children will use it,” says Vicky Lozanová, vice president of marketing at Crayola.

Other toy manufacturers are also involved. Griffin and his helicopter on the remote control that works with your device to get involved in iPhone, iPad or iPod, Mattel Inc..’s Fisher-Price to play with the case of babies, which turns the iPhone in a color box, from which you can not make phone calls and can play up to three applications with music, words or numbers. Disney offers not only a digital camera, microphone and in conjunction with the Canadian manufacturer Spin Master application to play with cars.

According to analysts, these toys are just the beginning for the manufacturer in this field. Many companies have already announced their intention to prepare a suite of products for use with the smartphone or tablet – even for those that use the Android operating system from Google.

“I think it will be a growing segment,” says Jim Silver šéfeditor Web server, which evaluates toys. “Next year there will be much more (products), than you can imagine.”

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