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Infinity Blade II: two infinite and two swords are better than one -

Infinity Blade II

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endless game ended. Instead Infinity Blade Infinity comes next. Owners of Apple’s handheld devices already spent mowing the enemy on their touch screens phones and tablets million hours. And millions of hours they spend the same activity again.

Infinity Blade II as well as the first player puts in a position Sysifa with a sword. The role of the hero, the player must Siris hack crowds of enemies to hit the opponent, which is beyond his power. Then the character wakes up from the “death” and goes back into battle – a little more experienced and better equipped. And then again. And again. And once more. Ten times. Hundred times … And long it’s fun.

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The games are well prepared battle. They fully utilize the touch screen option. The basis for success is fast cutting sword – like moving the fingers in the Fruit Ninja-type games. This is necessary to jump, reflecting the enemy weapon and use its own special charm and interest, which require specific draw your finger gestures.

Infinity Blade II, the original simple concept yet enriched fights without a complicated control – instead of one type of armor, sword and shield, Infinity Blade gives players a choice between traditional equipment, two-handed weapons and two light weapons at once. All three options require a slightly different style of play and fits against various opponents.

Another cornerstone of Infinity Blade, except soubojového system is to improve the properties of the characters and equipment. Both are tightly intertwined. The player gains experience points for each match won, but by the time wearing the right equipment. In order to effectively improve, still needs better equipment.

New armor, weapons or magic rings can be bought or found as loot. Infinity Blade II adds even more to improve weapons and armor gems that enhance the properties of equipment. It’s a big change, but another in a series of small improvements. A journey to a better equipped and more powerful game character is actually the only motivation, why play Infinity Blade over and over again.

not slay a hundred times …
Infinity Blade in the first version included a castle, a player who went through and are still fighting the same enemies, which was not much. They were pulling pretty, fights were entertaining, but the constantly repeated, only increased the difficulty. Excuse the authors? Family revenge, when the heroic little boy’s father went to the castle to kill the evil king. When it failed, his young son rapidly came and went after revenge. And still to wheel a thousand generations.

The second part has a slightly different story and the principle of endless repetition. The authors also reduce the fatigue of constantly the same environment that the castle was extended and give players the choice of several different ways with different enemies. Even so, Infinity Blade II rather a matter for regular play in smaller doses than the ten-marathons.

Change will come in the coming weeks and months. The authors of the game is promising more game modes included in the game. As will be fun, but learn to play them. It is now also possible to use another novelty, which is closely associated with the new operating system iOS5. How the game is stored in iCloudu, so it is possible to play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch continuously always where you end up with the game.

Graphics with an exclamation mark
Infinity Blade II is like the first part of the task to show how powerful the hardware is in the iPad iPhone 2 and 4S. Dual-core processor, the A5 can handle a lot, but still not enough. Makers to achieve such levels of detail, reduce the game to a series of battles, among which the player travels a fixed route, without interaction with the environment.

This reduced game looks fantastic, so if you like the artistic style of game authors. But this is especially true for the actual battle. As a blow between the eyes is the graphics processing objects that do not have three-dimensional shape and it just flat images.

Previews weapons are small, so their vagueness and lack of detail does not hurt much, but the picture purse, which shows more than half of the screen every time a player finds a bit of money is shameful. Woolly brown stain with a little yellow really a perfect indication that potential iPad second So if you show someone what your iveco can, pick up money at all.

Infinity Blade II ( Apple AppStore )
action game for iPhone (3G and above), and the iPad iPod Touch (4th Generation)
Price: 125 CZK

Verdict : Infinity Blade II is one of the finest games for mobile devices, not just for the iPad and iPhone. Simple gameplay and constant repetition of one game work but get bored easily, even if the game is more varied than its predecessor.

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