Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eye illusions and delusions for iPad and iPhone -

good-eye Press release: If you want to entertain themselves and their friends during the Christmas holidays, try the optical illusions and delusions. Unusual and chose the classical MD. Freedom and added a simple eye test. Application of good vision is for the iPad and iPhone.

“By Christmas I was being prepared the first part of the collection of optical illusions and delusions. I hope you will enjoy, “says MD. Freedom. Individual images are divided into categories:

  • bodypaiting
  • Geometric Illusions
  • Inverted

  • contradictions
  • 3D drawings on the sidewalk
  • unusual pictures

are two tests for visual acuity and color blindness. “If the application will be like, I have prepared the following materials – extension of optical illusions, practice eye exercises to relax and further tests,” concludes Dr.. Freedom.

Development Company to ensure zero (www. according to MD. Of Liberty.

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