Monday, December 5, 2011

Syria reportedly in the country banned the use of the iPhone due to protests - Czech newspaper

Damascus / London – Syria reportedly banned in the country to use the iPhone. The government is thus trying to control information about the protests and their suppression by government forces, which come out of the country, wrote the British BBC News.

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According to a statement apparently issued by the customs administration and the Syrian Ministry of finance available to the media, the authorities’ warn anyone against using the iPhone in Syria. ” If this document is reprinted for example, Lebanese news website, real, then the Syrian authorities threatened confiscation of equipment and prosecution of anyone for whom the iPhone will be discovered. But it seems that other types of smart phones, this prohibition does not apply, the BBC said.

United Nations estimates that as of this March, when anti-government protests in Syria in 4000 killed people. Only in November was in seeking to overthrow the government of President Bashar Assad killed 950 people, which last month signed on as the bloodiest since the beginning of the rebellion.

Most of the foreign media have been reported from the country, and the scenes of violent operations against protesters come mainly from the regime’s opponents, who fi lmed themselves – often just for mobile phones – added to the Internet.

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