Sunday, December 11, 2011

Siri? Something similar to WP 7 for a year, Microsoft fumes -

English speaking assistant Siri writes briskly scheduled meeting in the calendar, writes a text message or dial a specified contact. He listens almost word plus a number of questions can react funny.

Craig Mundie of Microsoft, but does not share the enthusiasm of the artificial intelligence hype around Siri and understand. In a recent interview with Forbes said that the Tellme voice control to Windows Phone 7 offers over a year, the service is technologically very similar.

Also, he said Tellme is able to transcribe spoken text in the form of SMS and then send the selected number. To search for unknown terms are then used search engine Bing. But admits that Microsoft had to learn from Apple’s marketing, better capabiliti es sell their products with services.

“Many people were disappointed the advent of the iPhone 4S, came a whole new phone, which was expected. Siri was the only tool for Apple to skillfully conceal this fact”, he thinks Craig Mundie.

And is not the only high-ranking representative of the competing platforms, which downplayed the voice assistant Siri. Andy Rubin of Google says that the phone is a tool for communication, but should not communicate with the device itself, but with a man on the other side.

The idea of ​​the iPhone voice control can be comical at times. In addition, the vast majority of tasks can handle iPhone user has to free both hands, faster than the text itself as a virtual secretary.

Tellme hears stupidity

That does not change the fact that Apple’s solution is currently an assistant elaborate voice, that smartphones offer. The attached video is a clear demonstration that the Tellme Siri has a lot of losing.

The first requirement is to create an appointment for tomorrow at 10 am. Apple iPhone Siri on board the command detects and notifies you that the calendar is already at this time plan to another meeting. Tellme instead recognized the phrase “Create a meeting tomorrow at teen anal,” he would rather be left without translation, and tries to look through Bing.

Even the command “Send text and Simone’s” Siri makes no problem, while at war with Tellme nothing wrong neříkajícím “Stain Detector simo” (the first two words mean search engine spots) and once again invites you to support Bing.

Microsoft does not discover in determining the current time in Perth, click “What time is it in Perth?”, So again remains unanswered, while Siri skillfully reports that Perth residents are just five in the afternoon.


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