Sunday, December 4, 2011

The scandal is šmírovacím Carrier IQ software is growing, track ... - ZOOM

Carrier IQ, the creators of “diagnostic” software first sharp attack against the discoverer of the existence of their software in millions of phones in the U.S. market. A few days later, but followed the “excuse” (see Carrier IQ, creative šmírovacího software will eventually apologize Trevor Eckhart). Of course free of any further explanation. Carrier IQ software is found on millions of mobile phones, especially those selling U.S. mobile operators. And whatever is intended to “diagnose”, logs, and very probably sent “home” staggering amount of sensitive information. The phones are in most cases without the consent of the owners and can not be shut down, let alone remove it. Trev or Eckhart, who came across this spy software, it quite rightly describes as a classic “rootkit”.

In the U.S. this software can be found on virtually all phones with Android that were “adjusted” operators or manufacturers – you will not find it on the Nexus line, but not on the Motorola Xoom. And as recently revealed, and you can find it in the Apple devices with iOSem – but is only active when you activate the diagnostic mode. You can find it but the device is Blackberry and Symbian, so far from being a further problem about Android.

Carrier IQ to serve operators to improve services – but the reality is such that it is a software able to record virtually everything – what you write on the keyboard, the content of received SMS, positional information and many other things. Acquired information is automatically sent “home” – without the user’s knowledge and without turn it off. What is happening zaznamenávanými data as Carrier IQ handles and stores, are still among the “unknown information”.

Source: Carrier IQ Tracking Scandal Spirals Out Of Control

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