Sunday, December 11, 2011

Motorola has won a lawsuit for Apple: in Germany could be ... -

motorola vs apple Motorola Mobility in Germany won a preliminary court patent litigation, which leads with Apple Inc.. The court in Mannheim gave a preliminary ruling that makes the European branch of Apple to stop the distribution and sale of devices that infringe patents of Motorola Mobility. These are specifically mobile phones and tablets iPad iPhone version of 3G + WiFi. The court of course applies only to the German market, not the whole of Europe. As a result, it could cause a dispute to a complete halt sales of iPad 3G + Wi-Fi and i Phone, not only in Germany but also in other European Union countries, which would Mannheim court decision could inspire when Motorola Mobility submit the same proposal in other States. “The decision focuses on European Apple’s sales organization, but applies only to the sale that the company provides to German customers,” says patent law expert Florian Müller.

“against the court’s decision to withdraw immediately. Those who will be in Germany for Christmas shopping, but would not have trouble finding exactly the iPad and iPhone, what they want, “ said Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguetová.

“Motorola Mobility will continue to devote every effort to solve global patent litigation as soon as possible,” Motorola said in its press statement. If Motorola decides to right, that it has awarded German court ralizovat in practice, the court must pay a deposit of 100 million euros, or around 2.5 billion. In the event that Apple’s lawsuit eventually won, covering the deposit or part of the cost of lost profits incurred by Apple due to ban the sale of phones and tablets.

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