Monday, December 19, 2011

Microsoft's new applications focused on iOS - Computerworld

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OneNote is one of the most popular tools from Microsoft. No wonder that the company rushed with both versions of the tablet iPad and iPhone smartphones. New mobile applications will be of great benefit especially for users not employed, seeking a way to better organize his life. Benefits OneNote App is the greater, that allows you to synchronize information from mobile devices with desktop. The only drawback is the fact that Microsoft has relaxed the version of OneNote for the Mac OS X, MacBook so users are out of luck.

On the mobile OneNote Microsoft this week followed by making the cloud SkyDrive users of Windows operating systems Phone 7 and iOS, in which case, however, was just released version for the iPhone. Then the users can be used to upload photos taken with iPhone to the web or share your files by simply sending a link. Overall, the functionality is very similar to mobile SkyDrive latest version of Box, for whose release was last week.

In addition to productivity-enhancing tools Microsoft has created a mobile application My Xbox Live and the IOS version of popular children’s game Kinectimals. So it seems that the company finally came to taste multiplaformitě. Its main goal, of course, remains to attract users to their own operating systems Windows Phone 7 and the forthcoming Windows 8, but this will at least have some assurance that users are loyal to their products even if they use a foreign platform. Now no choice than to wait until the IOS will also MS Office office suite.

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