Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Garmin with the iPhone and Android you get in shape - iDNES.cz

        The manufacturer Garmin introduced a new fitness application for iPhone and devices running Android. For iPhone owners are also prepared sports adapter, which lets you connect to other phone devices such as heart rate sensor.


Fit App is available for download on the AppStore as well as in the Android Market for approximately 20 crowns. Sensor for connecting other devices to the iPhone, which is called ANT + adapter is then available for 1200 crowns. To run an application but this sensor is not necessary, but if you think the sport seriously, you may be a good helper.

The first time you launch the application will ask to enter your basic information such as height, weight, sex and date of birth. Then you can connect to the Garmin Connect web site that is designed fitness owners Garmin navigation devices. You can easily store their workouts and the measured activity or other achievements to share with other people with similar interests.

The application is designed for three primary activities – running, cycling and walking and also offers the option of setting the fourth, unnamed activities. The application is also a music player to make your sport and not missing the map. Maps, however, are not part of the application and are used by Google maps online. Without sufficient data plan so you should display the current position and route on the map off.

Before starting or vyběhnutím is also set whether you play sports inside or outside, where the route is sensed by a GPS chip, which is not included iPhone, but most phones running Android. Thus, if you use the application only on outdoor activities and make do with data like time and distance, relatively expensive sensor ANT + iPhone required.

 Garmin ANT + Adapter

Garmin ANT + Adapter

If you want to use the application but also for activities within the building or you may be interested in information, such as heart rate or cadence pedaling a bicycle, without the adapter can not function sufficiently. Even without him, but the application is a very practical tool for routine recreational athletes.


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