Thursday, December 22, 2011

Frajeřinky: iPhone analog watches and rubikovka shark skin -

common iPhone has everyone but iPhone with the six analog watch with wooden backs and offers a firm Gresse. Registered in Switzerland, most of the outlets but has in Russia. That has roots there, prompted by the fact that many of its models corresponds to the design tastes of local clientele: the more gold and precious stones, the better. Or just really high price is right.

 iPhone 4 Gresse Lady Blanche

Gresse iPhone 4 Lady Blanche

But we nekřivdili Gresse, some models are quite successful and certainly original. “Guts” of these models, we could not test because we do not know if it’s not top and bottom huj ugh and that the manufacturer did not make do with some iron from the Far East. The recommendations directed at the heart of good fourth-generation iPhone, which at Gresse dressed in extravagant outfit with six dials on the back of the phone.

 Gresse iPhone 4 Black Diamond

Gresse iPhone 4 Black Diamond

device is properly labeled as iPhone and Time Machine suddenly displayed the precise time in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and of course in Moscow. Precisely executed překrytovaný iPhone are six thousand dollars, the equivalent is about 100 thousand crowns. And that is roughly six times the price of ordinary version. For Gresse thought but also to your girlfriend on the menu and have a white version of the device. Her name is Lady Blanche and has only three sets to watch your back (do not guess, missing Moscow time) and three windows. In those can hide from Swarovski crystals or diamonds directly. In the case of small to medium love this fun for you girlfriend or wife will cost about 120 thousand, but if you love a good question, you give a diamond version over half a million crowns.

 Golden iPad

Golden iPad

Who does not know the exact time in world capitals, he may order a manufacturer of luxury iPhone 4 back made of African black wood, which is 200 years old. Women’s and men’s basic version costs the same solidarity 85,000 crowns in the first case, while also boasts ornaments. Men’s variant in this respect is minimalist and really pretty. Nakousnutého apple lovers will appreciate the maintenance of the character, the biggest freaks in the Apple acquires luxury variant of the phone with a gilded apple from osmnáctikarátového gold and black diamond, but points out that worm. And the price? One less than, the basic version.

Screen iPad Louis Vuitton

cap iPad Louis Vuitton

cap Gucci iPad

cap iPad Gucci

Gresse and going well adapted iPad tablet, again with wooden backs. But the price has not yet been established. Another option is to store Stuart Huges who offers monitors with gold back. This toy is not cheap, the price of over two million crowns worth as a new studio in Prague. The grabs are gold iPhones, Nokia and other mobiles.

For the ordinary, a hundred thousand or million-monitors you can buy a stylish accessory to which našetří and college student. Luxury Housing from reputable brands costs about 4-6000 crowns. Gucci buckle is cheaper, more expensive by Louis Vuitton in September the traditional pattern of this company. The grabs are also cheaper housing or housing for mobile phones from other manufacturers. Session is in designer stores, but we can imagine vividly that even at many market place at a lower price několinásobně …

Hand on heart, on the table in a restaurant may also fit Golden iPad for millions, the front look exactly the same. The solution brings British Dunhill brand and its wide range of accessories including smaller or bigger nonsense.

games lovers can resort to luxury suites for chess, backgammon, mahjong or poker. High-performance and unobtrusive style pulls the price of the order of thousands to tens of thousands of crowns.

 Rubik's Cube Shagreen

Rubik Cube Shagreen


menu is also a sheer insanity: leather Rubik’s cube. This is normally a few tens crowns, and no big hit it is today. Cube from Dunhill is licensed directly from the inventor of Rubik Arno and it has said so himself in his collection.

On rubikovce from Dunhill’s unique surface of bricks, which is made of skin type Shagreen, which is usually the dorsal skin of a shark or ray. Each piece of skin was, according to the manufacturer’s cube glued and sanded by hand so that the cube rotated well. But this corresponds to the price, the conversion is about 34 thousand crowns.


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