Thursday, December 15, 2011

Apple iPhone 5 is the jumper. Too bad that does not exist -

Google publishes

basically two search rankings. The first chart is wanted absolute terms, then the second ranking “of jumpers.” Thus, expressions, whose most wanted levels rose. It was the second ranking is often very interesting, since it shows trends, which in the past twelve months, our company has failed. Detail the complete results of dedicated Technet.

From the perspective of the mobile world is much more interesting ranking of jumpers. Here in fourth place came the iPhone 5th We already know that such a product exists, but at the time expected arrival of the new iPhone was simply this expression literally magnet.

What in the rankings may surprise many is the eighth mobile phone Nokia C5-03. This suggests not only that this mobile phone is a very popular Czech customers, but also that the model markings, which until recently used a Finnish brand, it was not too happy. What is it that the C5-00? And that C5-03? Google offers a quick answer to this question.

The jumpers also appeared in two popular mobile games – the seventh and Minecraf Angry Birds in ninth place. This suggests that the Czechs simply failed their charm.

Most Wanted chart expression is no longer a mobile point of view too interesting – mainly dominated by sites and services that users need most. You could say that in this respect, the Czech search ranking or less compared with that world.

Compared to last year and dropped out of the top 10 Nokia (seventh last year) and the operator O 2 (tenth last year). UO 2 is the retreat of the ten quite clear – in August last year the company had finally won after long years domain, and thus it easier for customers to find the address that you would expect. The official domain you probably could not remember a lot of users.

Google publishes some thematic search rankings. We know so that as mobile phones are not among the ten most wanted commodities o n the Czech Internet. Contrast between the high jumpers in the ranking of “what is” the third place came the expression “what’s tablets.” This new category in the Czech Internet users attracted quite a lot of interest.

Among the greatest jumpers of celebrities have appeared on the third place by Steve Jobs. The late head of Apple’s statistics in this position just behind Amy Winehouse, he met the same unfortunate fate.


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